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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and works with the power of the in between. The threshold, the ending holding space for a new beginning.

Pisces people need some grounding and rooting poses, particularly in the third eye (area of intuition) and crown chakra (highest self). As such these poses work with sending the blood flow and connection to these highest chakra points.

Give these 7 poses and breathing exercises a try, No props required.

1. Child’s Pose – Bring the big toes together and knees apart. Walk the hands forward and lower the third eye to connect to the ground. Melt the shoulders down and relax into the pose for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

2. Intuitive Cat/Cow – Come to table top. Not overthinking it, trace circles with the hips, shoulders and head. Move in a circular way. Focusing on the feeling as you breathe in and out through the nose.

3. Downward Dog – Walk the hands a bit ahead. Tuck the toes and lift the hips up. Emphasizing relaxing the head and neck. Making it more of an inversion, allowing blood to flow to the third eye. Bending the knees as much as you like. Hold for about 5 breaths.

4. Ragdoll Fold – Then walk the hands back towards the feet, staying in this inversion as you lift the hands up. Take the feet a bit wider. Keeping head lower than heart. Maybe clasping opposite elbows, and swaying side to side.

5. Locust – Lower down onto the belly. Bring on hand on top of the other and lowering the forehead onto the hands. Feet mat width apart, legs parallel. Keep upper body grounded. Inhale and lift the feet and legs. Exhale to lower. Repeat 5 times through. Then ground the legs and bring arms to cactus. Inhale to lift the hands, arms, and chest in a baby cobra. Exhale to lower. Repeat a few times. Then bring the hands back at the sides. This time on the inhale lift both legs and upper body. Reaching crown forward, and tailbone back.

6. Rabbit Pose – Shift back into closed off child’s pose (knees and feet together). Bring hands back to grab hold of the heels. Lifting the hips and rolling onto the crown of the head.

7. Alternate Nostril Breathing – Come to a comfortable seat, lengthening up through spine. Bring the right hand up, pressing index and middle finger onto the third eye. Use thumb to seal off the right nostril. Inhale through left nostril. Block the left nostril, exhale out the right nostril. Inhale through right nostril. Block it off and exhale out the left nostril. Do 5 rounds like this.

These poses come from a 20 minute full body yoga flow I shared recently.



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