In need of a little relax, release and let go as we enter into this end of year time? Give these 5 yin yoga poses a try.

Take your time settling into each pose, finding your edge. Then resolve to be still and hold the pose for about 5 minutes.

You will want to have 1 block or bolster (or other prop) handy.

1. Butterfly Fold – Start seated. Bring the soles together, and knees apart. Choose how close you bring the heels in towards the seat, shifting the focus of the stretch. Let yourself slowly roll down over the legs. Turning the palms up. Place a block under the forehead if you like. Get into a place where you don’t have to struggle, instead allow yourself to relax and open into it naturally.

2. Deer Pose – Bring the left leg back behind you. Finding a 90 degree angle, knee straight out from the hip. Find a 90 degree angle out front with the right leg, shin parallel to the top of the mat. Bring the hands back behind you in a diagonal. Pushing down into the left hip. Sink into the pose as you hold.

3. Pigeon Pose – Keep the front leg as it is, or bring heel in closer, depending on flexibility. Straighten the left leg back behind you. Lifting up evenly distribute the weight in the hips. Fold down over the front leg, lifting out of the back. Bring prop under the forehead, use the arms to support, or fold all the way to the mat.

4. Shoelace – Shift to the right hip to bring the left leg forward. Wrap the left leg over the right one. Try to stack and align the left knee over the right. Stay here, or place a block under the hips. Also option to fold down over the legs to increase sensation, possibly placing block under the head.

Repeat 2 through 4 on the other side.

5. Knee to Chest (with Block) – Lay down on your back. Placing a block on the lowest or middle level under the hips (or stay flat if this is too intense). Stretch the left leg out, pressing the left heel into the mat. Pull the right knee in. Use as little arm strength to hold the leg. Relaxing head and shoulders.

Repeat other side.

These poses come from an hour long yin practice on my channel and within the app. Check it out below.




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