Blocks are the single most underrated prop in yoga. They are an incredible resource to use at all levels of practice.

Here’s a sequence of 7 poses to try out, mostly using blocks, to switch up and improve your practice.

  1. Calf and Foot Stretch – Start standing at the top of the mat. Set your blocks up about hip width apart. Bring the ball of your right foot to lightly press down on the block. Bring hands on to the hips. Lengthen the tailbone down. Push down into the heel, flexing the foot. Take deep belly breaths. Leaning forward slightly. After a moment, release and do the other side.

2. Forward Fold – Standing with feet flat on the mat, take them towards the edges of the mat. Fold down. Bending the knees as much as you like. Place the hands on the blocks. Let the head be heavy, Maybe turning the head side to side. Maybe rocking back and forth.

3. Downward Dog – Bring the palms onto the blocks. Wrapping the fingers around them. Push into the fingertips and knuckles. Step the feet back. Reach tailbone up, finding length in spine. Push into the blocks and press the chest towards the thighs. Play with the spacing of the feet. Push back into the heels.

4. Runner’s Lunge – Look forward, then step the right foot between the blocks at front of the mat. Bring the blocks to the highest level. Push hands down into the blocks, roll shoulders back and open through chest. Lifting left knee up. Maybe rocking back and forth, getting into the left hip. After a moment, push into the right heel and straighten the right leg any amount. Flexing the front foot and curling the toes back. Folding forward over the leg.

5. Plank – Keep the blocks as they are to challenge yourself (or opt to set them to the side). Step the right foot back. Finding a long line from crown to heels. Shoulders over wrists. Engaging the core.

Switch sides by stepping the left foot forward.

6. Windshield Wiper – Set the blocks to the side and come to a seat. Almost as if starting in butterfly, but bring the feet about hip width apart. Flex the feet. Bring the hands to the heart to, or to blocks behind you for more stability, pushing and lifting the chest. Drop both knees over to the left side. Moving back and forth side to side a few times, keeping two 90 degree angles. Rotating the chest the same direction, getting a twist in the upper body.

7. Deer/Pigeon Variation – After a few rounds, drop both knees to the right for the last time. Hold them here. Bringing hands down in front of you. Stay here, or fold down. Use the blocks to support you as feels good, under forehead, chest, hands. After a moment switch to the other side.

These poses come from a 15 minute morning yoga slow flow I shared on my channel and app.



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