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Sagittarius’ are adventurous. They seek wisdom and expansion at every turn. They are always looking to learn and expand, often through travel.

What is it that physically takes us from place to place, to roam the world? Our feet and legs (sometimes with a bit of help by transportation, but still). So for this Sagittarius themed practice we will focus on the lower body.

These 7 poses are a bit more intermediate in nature, no props required.

1. Cat Cow Variation – Start on hands and knees, shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Lift the right knee up, keeping leg bent and pointing through the toes. As you inhale lift the heel up, while also dropping the belly and lifting the gaze. As you exhale draw knee to nose, while rounding and contracting through the spine.

2. High Lunge – Come to downward dog. Reach the right leg up, then step it through to the top of the mat, between the hands. Feet should be hip width apart. Bend in the right knee, knee stacked over ankle. Push into the feet to lift hands up, reaching them overhead. Keep the shoulders over the hips. Inhale to lift up, then as you exhale sweep the hands back and tilt upper body forward. Forming one long line from crown to heel. Repeat through a few times.

3. Warrior 2 Flow – While still up, spin the left heel down, foot parallel to the shorter edge of the mat. Bend generously into the front knee. Squeezing the knee open. Extend the arms out front to back, palms facing down. Reverse your warrior, right arm up and left hand down. After a breath, take to extended side angle. Bringing right arm onto the knee or fingertips down. Reach the left arm up and over.

4. Wide Legged Forward Fold – Release the left hand down. Spin the right foot in, so feet are both parallel to the shorter edges of the mat. Rest into the pose as you fold down. Turning head side to side. Arms in any variation.

5. Quad Stretch – Turn back to the top of the mat. Bending into the right knee, bringing the left knee down to the mat. Reach right arm back as left knee bends. Clasping hold of the left foot and pulling the heel in. Keep the hips melting forward.

6. Toe Squat – Step back to table top. Tuck the toes. Sit back on the heels. Lifting up, letting hands rest in your lap. Take a few breaths here.

Repeat 2 through 6 on the other side.

7. Passive Forward Fold – Come to take a seat, with the legs extended flexing the feet. Walk hands forward, allow the knees to bend and legs to soften. Round into the spine. Relax the head. Turning palms up. Stretching the entire posterior chain.

These poses come from a 20 minute intermediate yoga flow I shared recently.



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