Scorpio is a sign which taps into the psyche and intuition. Full of mysticism, magic and third eye connection.

This yin practice is a great way to tap into yourself and do some shadow work, also associated with scorpio. The poses will connect to both the third eye and sacral chakra, connected to this astrological sign.

I suggest having a couple of yoga blocks or a bolster for this sequence. If you don’t have them you could use some thick cushions, pillow or rolled up blankets. Hold each pose for 3 minutes or so.

1. Child’s Pose – Start kneeling. Bring the big toes together, and take the knees as wide as comfortable. Start to fold down. Apply pressure to the third eye, by melting it to the floor or on to a prop if that’s too far. Take the time to get comfortable and settle in.

2. Half Butterfly – Seated forward fold. Come to sit. Extend the right leg out in front of you. Bringing the left foot to the inside of the right thigh. Round into the back, folding forward. Find pressure on third eye by stacking props. Not using any effort or strain, but letting gravity do the work.

3. Shoelace – Lift up. Cross the right leg over the left. Trying to stack the knees, one on top of the other and bending the legs. If too intense, place right shin in front of the left one. Round and fold forward. Again using blocks to apply pressure to the third eye.

4. Reclined Butterfly – Lower down onto the back. Bring the soles of the feet together and drop the knees out to the sides. You can place blocks under the knees if desired. Maybe placing the palms on the third eye. Close your eyes. Keep focus in.

5. Savasana – Ease into corpse pose, the physical representation of death (scorpio is the King or Queen of death). Extend out. Shrug the shoulders down and away from the ears. Close the eyes and soften fully.

These poses make up a half hour yin practice on my channel.



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