Did you know that your yoga practice can start right from the moment you wake up? Without ever even leaving your bed? Instead of grabbing your phone and doom scrolling, give these 7 poses a try as you blink your eyes open (either on mattress or mat).

Doesn’t matter what you wear and absolutely no props required.

1. Upper Body Circles – Begin sitting tall, legs crossed. Roll shoulders down, lengthen through spine. Close eyes. Rest palms on thighs. Start to trace some circles with the upper body. Match movement with the breath. Keep both sit bones anchored. Reverse direction.

2. Side Bend – Sitting back in center. Bring the left hand to right knee. Reach right arm up and over. Using right knee as anchor.

3. Seated Twist – Lift back up, then find a twist. Reaching the right arm back behind you.

4. Side Bend Leg Extended – Extend the right leg out to the side. Opening the knees away from one another. Side bend towards the extended leg. Left arm reaches up and over. Keep pulling the left shoulder back. Relax head. Let gravity do the work.

5. Mini Wild Thing – Bring the left hand back behind you. Swing the right arm up and over. Push into the ground and lift the hips up. Lower hips back down.

Repeat 2 through 4 on the other side.

6. Seated Pigeon – Start with the legs straight. Cross the right ankle over left knee. Bend the left knee as much as feels good. Lift the chest up. Keep fingers down behind you. Shift side to side.

Repeat other side.

7. Butterfly Fold – Bring the soles of the feet together and the knees apart. Choose how close you want the feet. Turn the palms up. Let the spine round and gravity do the work for you.

These poses come from a quick 10 minute morning yoga class I shared on YouTube and within my app.





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