Cancer is a water sign, which initiates feelings. It is also the sign of the nurturer, an open hearted emotional being, full of unconditional love.

As such I felt like a gentle yin yoga class with heart opening along with some hip openers was the perfect fit.

The following are yin poses, which should be held for about 3-5 minutes. Enter them passively, finding a version you can hold, and allow gravity to open you deeper into the pose over time. Have two blocks ready.

1. Wide Legged Child’s Pose – Starting in table top, bring the big toes together and take the knees as wide as comfortable. Sink the hips back to the heels. Walk the hands forward and fold down to rest.

2. Dragon Flying Low – Place the two blocks at the top of the mat. From table top, step the right foot to the top of the mat. Knee over ankle. Bring hands onto the blocks at the highest height. Sink hips forward. Push into the blocks and roll the shoulders back to find a gentle heart opener. Make sure you’re not creating any tension in the low back. Slowly ease out after a few minutes, and repeat on the other side.

3. Puppy Pose – Returning to table top, place one of the blocks horizontal on the middle height about a third of the way down on the mat. Keep hips over knees. Walk the hands forward, having the block support the chest and bringing head down to the mat. Relax the forearms onto the mat. Slightly draw the naval in.

4. Supported Fish – Set your two blocks up, with one lengthwise to support your shoulder blades and one horizontally to support the back of the head. Lower down onto them. Bring the feet together and knees apart. Place the arms wherever feels good (side, hips or overhead). Get comfortable, relax and get heavy.

5. Savasana – Straighten the legs, remove the blocks. Lay flat on the back. Taking up space. Shrug the shoulders down. Take a few moments here to process and integrate the work you have done while on your mat.

These poses make up a half hour yin practice I shared on YouTube. If you would prefer to be guided by me and not have to think about it, press play below.



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