Gemini is a creative sign. They are able to adapt and fit in easily, as a very social sign. They are able to find balance between head and heart.

For this Gemini themed sequence we will work through a creative, fluid flow, with a bit of balancing to tap into this sign in each of us.

1. Fluid Cat/Cow – Begin in a table top position with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Start to take circular motions with the spine. As if painting circles with the tailbone and shoulders. Breathing in and out through the nose.

2. Child’s Pose to Cobra – Walk the hands forward past the shoulders. Exhale to press the hips back towards the heels. Ripple forward through table top, lowering the hips and taking a modified cobra. Big breath in. Exhale to slither back. Working with the breath, cycling through. Still kind of taking the cat/cow motion.

3. Low Lunge – Come to downward dog. Kick the right leg up and then step the foot between the hands at the top of the mat. Keep the back toes tucked. Lift up the torso. Bring the arms out to the sides in a cactus shape. Lift the heart. Press the hips forward and down.

4. Humble to Dancing Warrior – Interlace the hands behind your back. Lift the back knee off the mat. Tilt forward, maybe resting on the front thigh or diving inside. Reach the knuckles up. Then spin the back heel down and toes out. Lift up and reverse. Reaching the right hand up and resting left hand down.

5. Half Moon – Push off of the back foot. Bringing the right fingers down or to a block. Extend the left arm up. Squeeze into the muscles of the left leg to lift it higher.

6. Eagle Pose – Step to the top of the mat. Bend into the knees. Cross the left thigh over the right one. Keeping toes down or tucking them behind the calf. Bend the elbows at 90 degrees, wrapping the left arm under the right one to bind. Keep the elbows up, shoulders down, and hands pressing away from the face. Find a spot to gaze, and focus on the balance.

Repeat 3 through 6 on the other side.

7. Wild Thing – Come to down dog once again. Reach the right leg up, bend the right knee, and rotate over until your right toes come down on the left side. Push the feet into the floor and lift the hips up. Reach the right arm up and over. Come back through downward dog. And repeat right away with the left leg.

These poses come from a 15 minute class I shared recently, as the third in my Zodiac series.



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