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Taurus is the second in the zodiac and an earth sign. It is related to the physical, both the body and the world. And our connection to it.

As a sign it is related to grounding, and our ability to be soft and slow. That’s why this practice will move slowly through some grounding poses.

It is also related to allowing abundance into our lives.

1. Cat/Cow – Begin in table top. Grounding into the earth, feeling into every inch touching the ground. Inhale slowly, dropping the belly and lifting the gaze and tailbone up. Exhale slowly, rounding and contracting, stretching along the spine. Move with the breath for several rounds.

2. Bird Dog – Fire up the core. Inhale to extend the left leg back and right hand forward. Exhale to slowly draw in to center, connecting knee and elbow. Do a few rounds. Then switch sides.

3. Ripple Plank – Come to downward dog, tucking the toes and lifting the hips up. Inhale to ripple forward to a plank. Exhale to bend the knees and come back to downward dog. Do several rounds, slowly moving with the breath rhythm.

4. High Lunge – From down dog, step the right foot forward between the hands. Feet on train tracks, about hip width apart. Push into the feet to lift up. Bring one hand on to the belly, one to heart to anchor into the body. Keeping a deep bend in the front knee.

Repeat on the other side.

5. Yogi Squat – Step to the top of the mat. Widen the feet a bit. Turn the toes out and heels out. Bend the knees and sink hips. Use the elbows to push knees open. Bring the hands together at the heart.

6. Pigeon Pose – From down dog or table top, bring the right knee behind the right wrist. The shin can be at a right angle, or heel can be in close, doesn’t matter. Instead focus on leveling the hips and evenly distributing the weight. Extend the left leg back. Stay lifted up or fold down. Repeat on the other side.

7. Seated Meditation – Come to a seat. Close the eyes. Rest the hands on the laps or knees. Focus on all five senses. What do you see, even with the eyes closed? What do you smell? Taste? Hear? Feel?

These 7 poses come from a 20 minute practice, as part of my new zodiac series.



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