If you are feeling depleted, stressed, anxious, or over extended – it’s time to take a break and fill your own cup. I promise taking the time to do so will actually help you to be more productive later.

Slow down and rest with these 7 passive poses. I recommend using a bolster or some cushions or bed pillows stacked for this practice. Hold each pose for 2-5 minutes.

1. Reclined Butterfly/Supported Fish – Lower back onto your props, so they support the upper back and back of head. Supporting in a nice gentle heart opener. Extend the legs straight out or bring the soles of the feet together and drop the knees out. Relax the arms at the side. Find a comfortable rhythm of the breath.

2. Seated Forward Fold – Lifting up to a seat. Choose to take the legs into butterfly, straight out or into a straddle. Bring your props in front of you if you like. Round the spine as you gently fold down, letting gravity do the work. Use the bolster, cushions or blocks to support the head and chest if you like.

3. Child’s Pose – Come to kneel. Bring the big toes together and take the knees as wide as you like. Folding forwards onto the props or bring the forehead to the mat or to rest on forearms. If using a prop, turn to one cheek and be sure to switch sides half way through.

4. Thigh Stretch – Lower down onto your back, with a prop underneath the hips so that they are higher than the chest in a gentle inversion. Pull the right knee in towards the belly and straighten the left leg out. After desired length of time, switch legs.

5. Waterfall – Pull both knees in. Stay here. Or extend both legs up towards the sky. Leaving hips supported and elevated, adjusting props as needed.

6. Lying Twist – Move the props out of the way so the back is flat to the mat. Bring feet to the floor with knees bent. Shift the hips to the right. Then drop both knees to the left. Open the right arm to a cactus shape, keeping the shoulder to the floor. Maybe bring the left hand to rest and guide the right thigh to be heavy. Repeat on other side.

7. Savasana – Extend out on the mat. Maybe supporting behind the knees with your props for a gentle relaxing bend. Turn the palms up as arms rest down. Close eyes if you like. Rest for a few moments here, taking the time to integrate the work you have done.

Want to be guided through these poses without a worry? Check out the full 45 minute practice below.



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