I personally have struggled with lordosis my whole life. I still have it, but the key to dealing with it is awareness. So that no matter what you’re doing you do it with integrity so as to not make it worse.

These poses will help to strengthen your abs and glutes, as well as stretch your hip flexors and low back.

1. Lying Posture – Begin lying on your back, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Get the entire length of your spine on the floor. When you lift the arms back behind you in a cactus shape, notice if your low back wants to lift off the floor. Push the low back into the mat and notice the tuck of the hips. Keep the low back connected as you hold here for a few rounds of breath. Inhaling to fill the belly, exhale to press the belly button towards the mat. Try straightening one leg, notice if it changes anything. Try on the other side.

2. Bridge – With both knees bent, bring arms down at the sides. Push the feet into the floor, squeeze the glutes and lift the hips. Think of reaching the tailbone down. Push into the heels and drag them towards the shoulders. Activating through glutes and hamstrings. Really pay attention to the length in the spine, and keeping integrity.

3.Twist – Lower the hips down. Hug the right knee in. Use the left hand to guide the right knee over to the left. Reach the right arm out to the side. Repeat on the other side.

4. Curl Up – With the feet planted on the floor, bring the hands behind the head. Curl head, neck, and shoulders up. Lift the right foot, bringing the knee in as close as you can. Twist to the right, trying to connect the left elbow to knee. Push the arm into the knee and feel the knee push into the elbow. Hold and squeeze for a few breaths. Then switch sides.

5. Table Top – Come to table top, with shoulders over wrists and hips over knees. Pull the low belly in and flatten the back. Lift the right heel up to the sky with knee bent. Keep integrity in low back, while pulsing the heel up. Do 15-20. Bring the knee down, then open to the side for fire hydrant. Do 5 or so. Then lift the knee up to side again and extend leg out. Tap the toes down. Repeat 5 times. Then switch sides.

6. Low Lunge with Twist – Step the right foot between the hands. Roll the shoulders down. Flatten the left hand to the mat. Bring the right hand to the right thigh. Push it away from you, twisting to the right. Repeat other side.

7. Plank Exercise – Shift to plank, with shoulders over the wrists. Lengthen the tailbone to the heels. Draw the low belly in. Reach the crown forward. Tap the knees down. Then lift back up to a solid plank. Repeat a few times.

These 7 poses come from a 35 minute strength and stretch class on my YouTube channel and within my app.



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