Ready to release the tension you have been holding in your hips? Don’t have much time to do it? Try these 7 poses this morning, or whenever you are feeling tight or sore in this area.

They will also help to target the lower back, quads and hamstrings.

No props and appropriate for all experience levels.

1. Quad Stretch – Lower down onto the belly, with legs extended back. Bring the left forearm in front of you, and rest the forehead down. Bend the right knee and reach the right hand back to grab the ankle. Pulling heel towards the glute. Press the pubic bone into the floor while lengthening tailbone to heels. Keep the right knee and ankle hip in line, not opening out. Hold for 5 deep breaths or so, before releasing and repeating on the other side.

2. Child’s Pose – Bring the big toes together and the knees wide as you press up and back, hips to heels. Stretch the arms forward and lower the head down. Melt down here for 5 deep breaths.

3. Hip Circles – Come up to table top, hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Kick the right heel up to the sky. Trace big circle with the right knee.

4. Lizard Pose – Step the right foot to the top of the mat, outside of the hands. Let the hips sink and melt down. Open through the chest.

5. Pigeon Pose – Bring the right knee down behind the right wrist. Extend the left leg back behind. Level out the pelvis. Stay up on the fingertips, pushing hands into the mat and lift through the heart for a gentle back bend.

6. Box Leg Forward Fold – Roll onto the right hip and bring the left leg forward. Stacking the left shin in front of the right one. Walk the hands out and fold forward. Maybe staying up on the forearms.

Repeat 3 through 6 on the other side.

7. Windshield Wipers – Bring the feet out in front of you mat width apart, heels down. Drop the knees gently from side to wide several times.

These poses come from a 10 minute morning practice I shared. Check it out below.



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