The new moon is a great time to take a pause, to do less, and to look forward to new beginnings by setting intentions.

The passive long holds of yin are a great opportunity to do just that. Here’s 6 poses you can hold for 2 minutes each (side). While you work through these yin poses ask yourself what you want in your life at this time?

Have two blocks or a bolster ready.

1. Supported Fish – Place a bolster back behind you, or set two blocks up on their second height – the first lengthwise to support your upper back and the other to support the back of the head. Lower down to lay on them. Bring the soles together and open the knees apart. Bring the arms down at the sides, palms up.

2. Half Butterfly Variation – From seated, start with the right leg extended out to the side. You can opt to leave the left foot inside of the thigh, or for the variation bring the left shin back behind you so the left foot is outside of the glute. Getting an internal rotation. Twist towards the right leg, then fold. Maybe using a prop to support the forehead or chest. After 2 or so minutes, lift up and then repeat on the other side.

3. Winged Dragon – Lift to table top. Step the right foot forward to the outer edge of the right hand. Keep here or lift the right toes up and roll to the outer edge of the right foot. Maybe come to the forearms. Option to support the forehead with a block or bolster under the chest if you like.

4. Child’s Pose – Bring the toes together and the knees as wide as you like. Press the hips back towards the heels. Melt down. Let go of the tension in the mid and upper back. Relaxing the belly.

Repeat Winged Dragon on the other side.

5. Sphinx – Lay down on the belly. Bring the forearms down in front of you. Push into the tops of the feet. Roll the shoulders back. Focus on finding length along the spine. The closer the elbows the deeper you will feel the stretch. Push the hips bones into the floor.

6. Happy Baby – Turn onto the back. Pull the knees towards you. Keep the knees wide, or grab the big toes and stack the ankles over the knees. Use the elbows to push knees wider while drawing the thighs down. Push the tailbone down into the mat. Keeping head and shoulders grounded.

These poses come from a 35 minute yin yoga practice shared on my YouTube channel. Practice with me below.



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