It’s time for a gentle morning stretch that will help you wake up and get moving feeling good. Let’s work through these 7 poses together to release the full body, starting from the top and working down.

No props needed and these poses are all beginner friendly.

1. Neck Release – Sit however is comfortable. Be it cross legged, on a block, blankets, cushion, or kneeling. Lengthen the spine, relaxing the shoulders down. Keep the chin parallel to the floor and then drop the left ear to left shoulder. Let gravity gently open the right side. Opt to turn the chin up to feel more in the front of the neck, or tuck in towards the shoulder to stretch the back of the neck. Lift up and repeat to the other side.

2. Eagle Arms – Stay sitting with head neutral. Bring the arms in front of you, bending the elbows up at shoulder height. Loop the right arm under the left. Bring the back of the hands together, or double bind palms together. Push the shoulders down, keep elbows up, push hands away from face, and press palms together. Maybe intensifying by dropping chin to chest, forehead to forearms. After a few breaths, open the arms wide, then cross the other way.

3. Side Bend – Release the right arm down at your side, reaching left arm up and over. Push into the left hip, pulling left shoulder back. Lift up and switch sides.

4. Puppy Pose – Come to table top, stacking hips over knees. Start to walk the hands forward and lower forehead to the mat. Press the chest down and pull the belly to spine. Keep the arms active and elbows lifted off the mat.

5. Low Lunge – Coming back to hands and knees, then step right foot to the top of mat. Align the right knee over right ankle. Press the hips forward and down. Stay on the fingertips in center. Or press into the left palm and open the right arm up to the sky. Opening the chest to the right, maybe gazing up. Come back to center and switch sides.

6. Mini Camel – Sit back on the heels with toes untucked. Bring the left hand down behind you. Reach the right arm up and over. Pressing and lifting the hips up. Repeat to the other side.

7. Ragdoll – Lift up to standing, with the feet a bit wider than hip width. Fold down over the legs, releasing and decompressing the spine. Letting the head be heavy. Clasp opposite elbows and sway side to side for a few rounds of breath.

These 7 poses come from a 10 minute gentle morning yoga class on my channel and within my app. Practice with me below.



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