Yin Yoga is a great and gentle way to wake up your body – get rid of the aches and stiffness from the night behind you with some passive poses.

Try these 5 poses this morning to help prepare you to tackle the day.

Hold each one for 2 minutes a side.

1. Half Butterfly – Bring the left heel in and extend the right leg out, opening the knees away from one another. Keep the weight evenly distributed between the sit bones. Rotate the chest towards the right knee. Let the spine naturally round as you fold down. Keeping in mind we are typically tighter in the morning, no need to overdo it.

2. Deer Pose – Move the left foot further out in front of you. Bend the right knee, sending the foot back. Knees at 90 degrees. Push the right hip back and down. Walk the hands back behind you. Both feet flexed.

Repeat the first two poses on the other side.

3. Dragon Pose – Come to table top. Step the right foot forward to the top of the mat. Let the hips press down. Double the mat if you need cushion under the left knee. Stay up on fingers or knuckles. Keep the shoulders down and away from ears. Let the belly rest over the right thigh. Breathe into the stretch.

4. Thread the Needle – Bring the right knee back and hips over knees. Reach the left hand underneath you. Lowering the shoulder and ears to the ground. The further you get the left arm underneath, the more you’ll feel it between the shoulder blades. Push right hand into floor, or extend arm overhead. Lean the hips a little to the left.

Repeat 3 and 4 on other side.

5. Seated Meditation – Come to a comfortable seat. Sit tall, creating space from crown to tailbone. Close the eyes. Take a moment to notice how you feel at this time.

These poses come from a 20 minute morning yin yoga on my channel.



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