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If you yourself are a yoga teacher, or you’re a more advanced practitioner who doesn’t need all the cues and alignment tips but want a sequence to keep your routine fresh – follow along below.

This will allow you to be introspective, to turn inwards and connect with your self.

I use no props for these sequences, but this is your practice – so grab whatever you want to have handy.

Hold each of the listed poses for about 5 breaths.

1. Table Top Sequence – Child’s pose, cat/cow, right side low lunge, half splits, modified side plank (left knee down). Repeat second side.

2. Low Lunge Sequence – Downward dog, three-legged dog (right leg rises), step right foot forward, easy twist, wide legged forward fold. Repeat other side.

3. Standing Sequence – Chair pose, prayer twist to right, keep twist and step left foot back to high lunge, warrior 2, triangle, vinyasa. Repeat other side.

4. Kneeling Sequence – Table top, thread the needle with right arm under (maybe straighten the left leg back). Repeat other side. Sit back on heels, modified camel.

5. Full Body Sequence – Rag doll with hands clasped behind back and reaching up, keep clasp, standing splits (left leg rises), warrior 1, three-legged dog (right leg rises), wild thing, pigeon pose. Repeat other side.

6. Binding Sequence – Table top, modified side plank, left leg back, lift left leg, add bind, cat pose. Repeat other side.

7. Grounded Sequence – Head to knee to right leg (legs wide), baby wild thing. Repeat other side. Straddle forward fold. Lower for shoulder stand, plow, bridge, reclined head to knee (right knee in), open to side, carry into twist. Repeat other side.

These 7 sequences are about half of an hour long minimal cues class I shared across my channels.




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