7 best 200-hour online yoga teacher training courses for every type of yoga

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So many people ask me if they should do my 30 hour yin yoga training instead of a 200 hour teacher training.. and if you’re really passionate about yin yoga, then you can totally do that first!

My 30 hour yin yoga training is great for both your personal practice as well as for upskilling your existing certification. It also is a good sample of what a full online yoga instructor training will be like.

But if you’re looking for a comprehensive yoga instructor training to become a certified yoga teacher, then it might be better for you to jump into a 200 hour course.

So, where should you do your 200 hour degree, then? I really recommend Brett Larkin’s Uplifted yoga teacher training course. Her program is one of the highest quality online yoga teacher trainings on the market and has been around since 2015. Plus, I co-teach the yin module with her, so I vetted this program before joining and know that it’s truly the best.

Brett and I go back years, we’ve been working and practicing together since we both started our YouTube channels what seems like a lifetime ago. I know her expertise as a yoga teacher trainer and I also know what she’s like as a person (very obsessed with high quality). So it is a no-brainer to recommend her Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour YTT. 

I’ve also included other schools I’ve heard of  so that you have a handful of online yoga teacher trainings to choose from. After all, it’s best to get advice on which 200 hour teacher training to do from someone who actually has experience teaching yoga… not just another random list.

Before I get into it, I’ll give you some tips on what to look for as you’re choosing an online yoga school so that you can make a decision that is truly best for you.

Online Yoga Teacher Training: What You Can’t Learn In A Live YTT

Many were  skeptical about online yoga teacher training (both Brett’s 200-Hour and my 30-Hour Yin training) back in 2015. Turns out, we were just a full 5 years ahead of what would be a massive online training industry, years down the line. That being said, there are a few things online training offers that live training simply can’t. You can’t touch other students for adjustments. You can’t eat dinner together around a campfire. You can’t chant together and hear each other’s voices. One important thing to consider is that online YTTs are generally more affordable than live YTTs. 

The trainings you see that are equal in price or more expensive than in-person YTT  training use your tuition to develop and deliver higher quality training content, rather than to pay for retreat space in an exotic location and all of the costly logistics that come with that. They also likely have expert faculty who are teaching the program live. As yoga students migrate online and develop hybrid yoga practices, it’s crucial to study with teachers you know, trust, have practiced with online, and admire.

What To Look For When Choosing a 200-Hour Online YTT

So you’re sold on virtual YTT, but how do you choose the right 200-hour course? Just like live 200-hour yoga teacher training, online YTTs range widely in focus subject and discipline. Choosing the right one for you can be rather challenging! I’ve rounded up a list of features that set the best online yoga teacher training courses apart from rest, and set you up for success as you take the first steps to becoming a yoga teacher. Here’s what to look for when choosing a 200-hour online YTT:

  • Yoga Alliance Registration. This point is slightly controversial amongst the dedicated yoga community, but we do recommend choosing training with the Yoga Alliance stamp of approval, at least when you’re starting out as a yoga teacher. The Yoga Alliance is an international yoga teacher training organization that creates standards for yoga schools, teacher certification and continuing education. Make sure that the school you’re considering is granted the title of a “Registered Yoga School (RYS)” by the Yoga Alliance. All of the training options listed below are registered with the Yoga Alliance.
  • Schedule Compatibility. One of the huge perks of the online teacher training is that it can be completed on your time schedule! That being said, some online teacher trainings are offered on a livestream schedule, while others are pre-recorded (the standard is moving toward a hybrid model). Think about your schedule before choosing one type of online program over the other, and how you would perform in a self-paced training. 
  • Curriculum Details. Once you’ve found the style of yoga teacher training you’d like to take, remember to check that the course has a well-rounded and detailed curriculum. This is probably one of the most crucial aspects of a yoga teacher training course. Opt for an online course that not only includes anatomy, yoga philosophy, yoga poses, sequencing, and teaching methodology studies, but actually has a real manual that helps you  learn about each of these topics.
  • Student Recommendations. This might sound obvious, but this includes reviews and word of mouth recommendations. Keep an eye on what other online students are saying about the training, and reach out to past students to find out what they really have to say about the course if you’re in doubt!
  • Focus / Style. Given the wide variety of yoga styles out there, it can be confusing to find that one course that is really tailored to what you want to learn. So before choosing a yoga instructor training program, think about what style you want to immerse yourself in. Take a few classes in ashtanga before signing up for a full 200 hour course in it, and consider how the style of yoga you study can compliment your other interests. Often, the style that yoga teachers study at the 200 level becomes their niche later on. Pick a style or theme that most resonates with you, find your course and dig in!
  • Study Support and Materials. Last but not least, carefully consider the format of the learning material and the type of learning support that your online YTT offers. Does your tuition include pre-recorded videos, a textbook, assessments, the certification exam, and live calls? Is there a platform for communicating with other students before, during and after the training? What about ongoing study support – who provides that, when – and how? What’s the school graduation rate? How many students who buy the program, actually complete it? These are all good questions to ask when reviewing an online YTT.


How to Prepare for An Online YTT

With online yoga teacher training (as with everything else), remember that you really will get out what you put in. If you’re not already studying online and don’t have a yoga space set up at home, you’ll need to spend time creating a sacred, calm space to get the most out of your virtual experience. Once you clear the calendar and set dates for your training, here are a few tips to help you prepare for a transformative virtual yoga teacher training experience:


  • Sketch out a daily routine that aligns with the curriculum and your other daily commitments.
  • Talk with whoever is sharing your home about your plans and set clear expectations about what you need from them (no disturbances) and when you need it (during required training hours).
  • Practice the style you’re going to learn with several different teachers, if possible, to get a sense of the ways it can be taught.
  • Download or buy all of your study material in advance. Review it in your own time before the training starts so you know what to expect from the course. Ideally, your training is extremely well-organized, with clear guidelines. 
  • Print everything! There’s just something about seeing everything on paper. The best online teacher trainings, like mine Yin training and Brett’s 200-Hour, actually mail you material that correspond with the videos you’re watching. 
  • Test your WiFi! How is the speed when somebody else in your network is streaming video content? Make upgrades to your WiFi before you have issues. Choose a YTT that enables you to download the videos to your phone for easy offline viewing. 
  • Install updates on your laptop and make sure it’s in good working condition
  • If you don’t already have them, consider buying noise-canceling, wireless headphones or earbuds to help you stay present in your screen bubble during class time.
  • Set up a practice space that is a joy to be in. Make sure it’s quiet and well-ventilated. Have candles, incense, a notebook, slippers, water, snacks and cats (if you’re me!), whatever else you need at the ready before your training begins

Best 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses at a Glance

  1. best quality online 200-hour YTT: Uplifted 200-Hour YTT with Brett Larkin
  2. best budget online 200-hour YTT: My Vinyasa Practice 
  3. best non-profit online 200 hour YTT: Radiant Warrior Online Yoga and Mindfulness 200 Hour Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Farm Ithaca
  4. best hybrid in-person/online 200 hour YTT: Peaceful Warriors Yoga
  5. best meditation- focused online 200 hour YTT: Akasha Yoga Academy 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training
  6. best online 200-hour Ashtanga YTT: 200-hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Online Sampoorna Yoga Sampoorna Yoga 
  7. best trauma informed 200 hour YTT: Online Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training from the School Yoga Institute 

The 7 Best Online 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Without further ado, here are my  recommendations for the best online yoga teacher training courses at the 200-hour level! 

1. best quality online 200-hour ytt: Uplifted 200-Hour YTT

  • Duration: 4 months 
  • Training Format: hybrid  learning, 100+ hours of professionally filmed pre-recorded content the moment you sign up, plus  4 month live  training with the same students each week
  • Cost: $2,850 full or $364/mo in 7 installments
  • Yoga Style: Hatha / Vinyasa (Yin, PreNatal, Therapuetics and Restorative also covered)

Brett Larkin’s award-winning video content has paved the way for all other online yoga teacher training courses. She created the first personalized online YTT in 2015, and has since developed a wide range of content to support her flagship 200-hour training, including a Business Launchpad course, Pregnant & Powerful prenatal course, and the ever-popular Chakra Challenge. 

Perfected over more than a decade and featuring industry-leading co-teachers, the 200-Hour  Uplifted Yoga Teacher Training is today considered the spearhead of the industry. Alongside traditional yoga teacher training material, The Uplifted program includes a workshop on yoga business and in-depth study of fascia, the connective tissue that encases the muscles and organs.

But what makes this course really stand out is its highly skilled and extra-supportive staff of teachers as well as its engaging and personalized learning program. When you enroll in this course, you’ll experience a strong sense of community, connecting with like-minded people from all over the world, and the same students each week. Registration includes lifetime access to the Uplifted online learning system and a 600-page manual that is shipped directly to your doorstep!


  • Industry leading online program refined over nearly 10 years, inclusive approach to yoga 
  • Registration includes exclusive access to a proprietary app, download  content to mobile and desktop access
  • Thorough journey into the essence of yoga with coverage of yin, prenatal, myofascial release, the chakra system, and anatomical study
  • Personalized asana review, in which teachers give you individual feedback on the poses you struggle with 
  • Includes business and social media training from  award-winning yoga content creator Brett Larkin
  • Excellent, highly qualified teaching support staff and customer service at all stages of the training process
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • Space is limited and trainings fill up quickly – book your place up to 6 months in advance to get your spot 
  • The most expensive training on this list

2. best budget online 200-hour ytt: My Vinyasa Practice Online Yoga Training 

  • Duration: fully self-paced
  • Format: blended learning, pre-recorded training and live classes
  • Price: $375 if paid in full, or 3 installments of $250
  • Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Founded by the devoted yogini, Michelle Young, My Vinyasa Practice is on a mission to spread the bliss of yoga to a wider audience. This popular budget training is priced to encourage everyone with the desire to learn how to teach yoga, crown the dream of becoming an instructor!

In practice, this vision translates into quite a bit more elbow grease than the catered and customizable experience of YTTs in the mid- and upper-price range though. Registration for this program gives you access to a Google Drive folder with written material, and from there, the rest is pretty much up to you! The program consists primarily of live calls with teachers in various subject areas and is entirely self-paced. You are responsible for manually signing up for and tracking your own  progress and hours as you make your way.

The curriculum itself touches on all the fundamental subjects related to this ancient discipline, such as yoga philosophy (with a focus on the yoga sutras) anatomy, history, physiology, sequencing, and business. Just be prepared to move through it all on your own. 


  • Full training for pretty much the cost of textbooks required for other high-end yoga teacher trainings 
  • Includes a bundle with the Trauma Informed Training and Yoga Nidra course
  • Once-monthly live study groups
  • Free Live-stream trial for 7 days lets you get an inside view of what you’re signing up for before you start
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • Low quality audio and video that’s difficult to access on mobile devices  
  • Stragglers are left to fend for themselves; students start and end individually, and it’s easy to get lost in the loosely structure content
  • Minimal guidance and support

3. best non-profit online 200-hour ytt: Radiant Warrior Online Yoga and Mindfulness 200 Hour Self-Paced Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Farm Ithaca

  • Format: Self-paced
  • Duration: Up to 1 year
  • Price: $899-$1099 (various offers, discounts and payment plans available)
  • Style: Vinyasa, Hatha and Mindfulness

With a mission to eliminate the root causes of anxiety, depression, loneliness and addiction in contemporary Western culture, the Yoga Farm has adapted their popular live training to an online format to reach a wider audience than ever before. This school is a 501c3 organization and currently offers three Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour yoga teacher training programs, fully online.

According to past students, the Yoga Farm training provides a holistic launchpad for new and experienced teachers alike (any 200-hour certified teacher receives 33% off the cost of the course) to make an impact in their communities. 

The 200-Hour Self-Paced Radiant Warrior YTT  offers the most flexibility for online students and allows you to complete the material on your own time over a full year. Do note that this training is offered in a live-stream format as well over 12 weeks. The  live-taught version of the Radiant Warrior training is loved by students, who refer to it as the ‘most in-person’ online Yoga Teacher Training. 

Whichever Yoga Farm training you choose, you will learn from a dedicated team of teachers that center authentic human connection and celebrate the most profound teachings of yoga. 


  • Great discounts, scholarships and seasonal deals available for their online 200 hour training
  • Highly experienced 10 person teaching team led by RYT 500-certified practitioners
  • Choose between the live-taught course (a bit more expensive) or the self-paced course
  • Optional live office hours are available in both course formats every week for students to connect directly with staff
  • offers a unique, immersive training experience
  • Includes unlimited access to live-streamed yoga classes through the Yoga Farm website
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • Tuition doesn’t cover supplemental textbooks 
  • Tech and organization are not the best

4. best hybrid in-person/online 200-hour ytt: The Peaceful Warriors Yoga

  • Format: fully live, hybrid live / online, and fully online 
  • Duration: 30 days – 2 years
  • Price: $1200 (online only) – $2,650 (hybrid or fully live option)
  • Yoga style: Multi-style with a focus on physicality: Budokon Yoga, ashtanga, yin, restorative, yoga nidra and more.

For anyone who can’t separate the idea of yoga teacher training from chilling on a gorgeous beach, this hybrid training from the Peaceful Warrior Yoga School based in Bali might be for you. The hybrid training gives you access to all 200-hour online training materials and flexible options for completing modules of your choosing live at the school’s location in Bali. Can anyone say “beach, yes please?!”

All three 200-hour yoga teacher training options  from this school (option A = fully online, option B = hybrid, and option C = fully live) are fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance. The training offers immersion in multiple styles of yoga, with a focus on contemporary movement and interpretation of the ancient yogic texts. 

We recommend this hybrid training for anyone yearning for full sensory immersion in the eastern contemplative tradition with the support of digital learning materials.


  • Flexible program with three training options allows students to choose the learning format that works best for them
  • Registration includes three detailed and helpful course manuals; asana, anatomy and philosophy of yoga
  • Be prepared for a contemporary asana program influenced by Budokon, a style of yoga influenced by martial arts and animal movement
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • $1200 is required up front for accessing all online course material and payment plants are limited
  • The practicum aspect of this training is lacking and does not prepare new teachers for the experience of studio teaching 

5. best meditation-focused online 200-hour ytt: Akasha Yoga Academy 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

  • Format: blended online learning with live pre-recorded options available
  • Duration: 4-week intensive full-time, 12-week part-time, or slower flows spread over many months
  • Price: $1700 (watch for deep seasonal discounts up to 50% plus extensive bonuses)
  • Style:  Vinyasa Krama style of Krishnamacharya

With the extensive requirements that yoga schools must meet to be certified by the Yoga Alliance, many 200-hour curriculums gloss over meditation or even drop it altogether. That is not the case with this online training from Bali-based Akasha Yoga Academy. They include a 1:3 instructional ratio of meditation to yoga, ensuring that YTT students develop a well-rounded practice.


This school’s team of experienced, passionate masters will guide you into the depths of yoga philosophy and tradition through Vinyasa Krama, the progressive system of linking yoga asana through movement and breath, meditation and pranayama techniques. 

Akasha Yoga is a flexible blend of recorded and live online sessions, and you can choose between a fully structured, intensive 4 week program, a part-time 12-week program, or a longer program spread over 6 months. All programs include access to daily live calls and 1:1 feedback from the top teachers. 

Keep an eye out for deep seasonal discounts for this training. It was most recently offered at 50% off together with a bonus package including $3097 worth of training and content for only $850, with programs including “How to Teach Yoga Online,” “The 5 Bodies”, and “Ayurveda Course Bundle”. 


  • The program offers a 6 hour “free trial” that gives you an overview of the content before you decide to buy
  • Content is delivered through live calls and pre-recorded content
  • Teaches vinyasa yoga from the heart of the tradition through the structured and progressive vinyasa krama style taught by Krishnamacharya
  • Personally supervised practicum assignments with guided prep, video recording and individual feedback
  • The schools donates a portion of tuition to The Plastic Exchange Program, a charity that supports Balinese people in need 
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • Students lose access to digital content after the end date of their course
  • The almost scientific approach to asana that the Krishnamacharya lineage is not for everyone


6. best online 200-hour Ashtanga YTT: 200-hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Online Sampoorna Yoga 

  • Format: blended learning, pre-recorded class and live calls
  • Duration: 34 days
  • Price: $1649 regular price, 3- and 6-month payment plans available
  • Yoga Style: Ashtanga

Get ready to sweat! Ashtanga is a physically demanding style of yoga traditionally taught through intensive residence in yoga shalas. This intensive course from the reputable Sampoorna Yoga School offers the intensity of a full ashtanga yoga teacher training from your own home (or wherever you have a WiFi signal).

Ashtanga is more than just the primary series postures, though. This online teacher training holds dear the philosophy of Patanjali, integrating these timeless teachings into every aspect of the training. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that will give you all the tools, abilities, and confidence you need to teach the classic Ashtanga Primary Series and structure a killer Vinyasa Flow to boot. 

Plus, The 200-hr YTT class will provide pre-recorded videos, 18-20 live sessions through Zoom, along with PowerPoint presentations, manual readings, tasks, and assignments as well as one-on-one calls with your instructors. It’s designed for completion within 24 days, but there is some flexibility: You can also finish it in one year.


  • Led by a culturally diverse professional teaching team with deeply rooted devotion to ashtanga, yoga therapy and contemplative spiritual tradition  
  • Gives students a healthy dose of teaching about the yogic lifestyle and ethics, according to the ashtanga tradition and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Course starts are held about 6 times per year, allowing students the flexibility to start pretty much when they want
  • Students can complete the training as an intensive month or as a yearlong self-paced program
  • Includes lifelong access to the 150+ pre-recorded study videos
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • The fixed ashtanga sequences are traditionally practiced in the presence of teacher who offers hands-on guidance, which is impossible to replicate in an online setting
  • Although you can complete the course within 1 year, you will lose access to live classes after 34 days
  • Not ideal for beginners or those with an injury 

7. best trauma-informed online 200-hour ytt: Online Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training from the School Yoga Institute 

  • Format: live online classes exclusively
  • Duration: 60 days
  • Price: $ 1600 (payment in full)
  • Yoga Style: Slow flow, vinyasa and yin yoga

Forging an inclusive path in educating healers and activists through trauma-informed yoga, the School Yoga Institute is on a mission to develop leaders in trauma recovery and social justice work. This online yoga training teaches yoga through the lens of radical healing and inclusivity, tackling eating disorders, symptomology of depression and anxiety, languaging, shadow work, neurobiology, brain science, and self care for healers. 

I am a fan of their reading list (check it out whether or not you take the training!), composed of work by leading thinkers in the fields of trauma healing, yoga history and philosophy. Teachers in training will process materials in four cycles: Stabilize, metabolize, visualize, and alchemize, that aim to address both physical and psychological trauma through community healing practices. 

This program is exclusively offered in live sessions that take place on weekends and a single weekday over two months, recreating the typical atmosphere and routine of an in-person teacher training. The format compliments the teaching philosophy and encourages camaraderie and growth through the expertly-facilitated Zoom sessions. All Zoom sessions are recorded though, so don’t worry if you miss a class!


  • Progressive curriculum features a broad sampling of the latest research and best practices in trauma therapy 
  • Led by highly trained and educated facilitators with specialties in emotional freedom technique (EFT), yoga therapy, and transformational mentorship
  • The exclusively live-streamed course recreates the environment of an in-person training over weekends and a single weekday over several months
  • Introduces students to many paths for using trauma-informed yoga, featuring a workshop with the Prison Yoga Project (PYP) 
  • Yoga Alliance approved


  • Zero pre-recorded content means learning happens entirely over live training calls (they are recorded and shared)
  • This program is so ambitious that it’s almost necessary to have a firm foundation in yoga, a complimentary discipline, and one’s own personal growth before beginning 


Can’t Decide Which 200-Hour Training Is Right For You? 

Are you still unsure which online yoga teacher training is right for you? Are you actually just confused about what these courses mean by hybrid, self-paced, and supported online learning? There is a lot of lingo out there specific to remote learning that may be confusing for those of you out there who haven’t practiced online before. Here’s a guide to common aspects of online yoga teacher training programs and what you need to consider about them before choosing your training:

What “Self-Paced” Really Means 

As I said, one of the greatest perks of online teacher training is that you have more control over when and how you study, without the pressured pace of the in-person training. The truth is that the term “self-paced” is used to describe a wide range of programs that offer dramatically different degrees of flexibility. Many self-paced yoga teacher trainings give you access to the material in advance and simply require you to complete material by a certain date. 

Other self-paced trainings offer no completion framework whatsoever, leaving the learning almost entirely in your hands. It’s important to note that self-paced programs with very few structural requirements and typically rely more heavily on pre-recorded content.

Community, Mentorship, and Support After Your YTT

Taking a yoga teacher training online doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the community fostered at an in-person YTT. You can form lifelong connections with like-minded individuals all over the globe through your YTT if you choose a program that facilitates this important aspect of learning. 

Alongside consistent mentorship and ongoing access to the insight of experienced teachers, this virtual community facilitation is an important key to a great yoga teacher training.

If this is important to you, make sure to pick a yoga school that continues support students after the completion of your teacher training through social media groups, check-ins, invitations to virtual seminars, and access to ongoing training material. The truth is that after the big moment of graduation, many yoga teachers might feel quite lost, unsure of what the next move should be. 

Some yoga teacher trainings come with an ‘expiration date’ of sorts, after which you lose access to training materials and support groups. It goes without saying that having a great team of educators and lifelong access to learning material can dramatically influence your overall learning experience in YTT and the first steps you take in your career after training.

Setting Goals 

No two yoga teachers are alike. One of the first questions you should ask yourself before enrolling in any yoga teacher training is: 

What’s my goal? 

Do you dream of starting a globe-trotting freelance career or opening your own studio? Maybe you’ve already established a career in the holistic wellness world and want to integrate the teachings of yoga with your disciplinary knowledge. And maybe you’re on a soul-searching mission to simply learn more about yourself through yoga.

When setting your goals for training, being honest with yourself about why you’re taking the training will give you direction down the road.

The universe of teacher training is ever-expanding. You’ll find some courses that are designed to complement other wellness professions, while others are more rounded, offering business and marketing training within the curriculum to help future teachers launch stand-alone yoga businesses. And that’s just the beginning! So ponder your goals carefully, and trust your gut feeling when selecting a training that’s the best fit for you.

Becoming A Certified 200-Hour Yoga Teacher: Enjoy The Journey!

There have never been more choices for 200-hour online yoga teacher training (YTT) courses than there are today. The full spectrum of yoga’s teachings are now available at your fingertips, wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection! Taking your yoga teacher training online is an accessible, customizable, and highly versatile alternative to taking a live YTT. Plus, beyond teaching yoga, you’ll learn some things virtually that you simply couldn’t learn live! 

Studying to become a yoga teacher online with a 200-hour yoga teacher training course prepares you to meet the rising digital demand of yoga communities everywhere. Whether you plan to offer online classes as a teacher or not, studying yoga online will give you valuable insight into what is actually possible in the virtual space.

They allow you to take the first steps into the yoga universe from the comfort of your own home, on your own time and often, at your own pace! In this article, we’ve rounded up 9 of the very best online yoga teacher training courses that meet Yoga Alliance standards for 200-hour certification level. From intensive ashtanga online yoga teacher training to trauma-informed courses, these recommendations are designed to help you choose the yoga teacher training program that’s perfect for you. 

As we all know, choosing a teacher training course is a rather difficult task. It’s a huge investment of money, time and energy. You want to be 100% sure that the course you’re picking is best suited to your goals and background. Take your time and don’t be afraid to reach out to students, training staff, friends and colleagues to offer guidance.

By taking a closer look at some of the shining stars of the online YTT world, I genuinely hope that this guide will help you to find the best online yoga teacher training for you! 


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