I recently put a poll up asking what’s most important to you when choosing a class – and once again you guys let me know you love basing your selections on time ⏱️

Thus I’ve brought back the Everything in 30 ⌛ challenge for the month of October!

This challenge theme was the first time based one I offered, way back in 2018! And you guys just love this amount of time in a class. It’s long enough to feel like a full practice, but short enough that you can fit it in!

This calendar is made up of 31 classes all right around the 30 minute mark. It is mostly yoga, with a division of yin and yang styles.

We begin this Friday, October 1st.

How to sign up? If you are an app member you can now preview it under this Month OR exclusives on your mobile device OR right HERE on the desktop version.

These calendars are an exclusive perk of the membership on the mobile or desktop app. You can join us using your mobile device, desktop platform, Roku or AppleTV.

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No Weight Bearing Morning Yoga Practice

No Weight Bearing Morning Yoga Practice

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your wrists, or just want to give them a break, you can still get your morning yoga practice in. This 15 minute flow has no downward dogs, planks, table tops etc. that are done on the hands. You also don't need any...

Fluid Hip Movements for the Water Element

Fluid Hip Movements for the Water Element

Getting deep into the hips, and unconsciously letting your body go with the flow is a great way to increase flexibility. These poses will tap into the water element, as well as the sacral chakra, to connect with creativity and deep feeling. No props required and great...

Time to Bloom – Yoga for the Spring Equinox

Time to Bloom – Yoga for the Spring Equinox

Winter is a time of slumber, and as such Spring is a great time to wake up and boost your energy. These poses will help you build some heat, with a heart opening flow and core engagement. They are a bit more intermediate in nature. No props needed. 1. Sphinx to...