If you find yourself crawling into bed, tossing and turning and simply seeking sleep to come why not try a few yoga stretches to help yourself unwind.

The 5 poses outlined below will help you to release the tension and stress of the day from both mind and body.

No props required, simply roll out your mat and go.

  1. Side Bend – Begin sitting comfortably, with the right shin in front of the left. Lift up and out of the low back, finding length in your spine. Bring the right hand down beside you, and reach the left arm up and over. Keep the shoulders stacked, moving in one plain. Press down through the left hip. Relax the head. To intensify stretch in the neck, keep everything else steady as you bring the left hand down to hover just off the floor. Take several rounds of breath here.

2. Forward Fold – Lift back to center, keeping right shin in front of the left. Start to fold forward, walking the hands out. You can stay up on the hands, the forearms or come all the way down. Whichever is right for your body, no need to look a certain way. Simply feel an opening in the right hip and glute. Take slow, steady inhalations and exhalations as you hold the pose.

Lift up, switch the cross of the legs and repeat 1-2 on other side.

3. Wide-Legged Fold – Open the legs out to the sides. Turn to face the right leg. Walk your hands out as you fold down. Make this passive by turning the palms up and rounding the spine. Allow gravity to pull you deeper into the pose as you open up. Take 10 rounds of breath here. Lift up and repeat to the left.

4. Straddle – Return to center, keeping the legs wide. Fold straight forward. Again making this passive. Support yourself up on your arms, fists, or fold right down. Imagine any lingering stress or tension leaving the body as you take 10 more deep breaths here.

5. Laying Spinal Twist – Lower down onto the back, with the knees bent and the feet on the floor. Reach the arms out in to a T. Shift the hips over to the right. Drop both of your knees and thighs to the left. If you want to intensify cross the right thigh over the left before you lower the legs to the side. Make as much space between the right hip and shoulder. Press your right shoulder into the floor, keeping collar facing upwards. Repeat to the other side.

These 5 poses come from Day 5 of my 30 day Evening Yoga Challenge on YouTube. Check the full class out below.

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