YOGA TEACHERS ❗️ Want to LAUNCH your own online yoga courses? ?

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I’ve been teaching online for over 6 years now! ? Woah!!

It seems like only yesterday I was propping my phone on a yoga block to record and using my brother’s old gaming microphone to record voice overs…

I’ve come a long way ?

The first time I ever made money online was by selling an online yoga course for weightlifters. (weird, right?)

At the time it had never even dawned on me that people made money online, I was just doing it for fun! Some people had seen my “yoga for weighlifters” video on YouTube and told me they’d pay for a full program if I were to put it together.


I still remember the day I released that training. I was watching the sales like a hawk and couldn’t believe I had made over $100 in one day. That amount might not sound like a big deal, but it was a HUGE mindset shift for me!

Right now with covid-19, teachers are doing their best to get online as fast as possible and adapt to this new environment.

If tomorrow I lost Yoga with Kassandra and had to start all over again… you know what I’d do?

I’d start creating and selling online yoga courses asap.

In my opinion, this is still the best and quickest way to earn passive income by doing what you love, especially when you’re new to the online space!

Sure you can make money on YouTube, but it takes forever! You could start a membership site, but that’s pretty advanced and you’ll need an existing community to really make it worth your time.

At the end of the day, creating an online course is my #1 recommendation.

The problem?

It can be tricky to figure it out on your own… I’ve created dozens of online courses by now and I’ve had my fair share of flops and failures and “why-is-this-so-confusing-I-want-to-pull-my-hair-out” moments.?

So.. If you’d like to learn EXACTLY how I create and sell online courses – the inside scoop to my personal method – I’ve created an online course to teach you just that! hahaha.. the irony does not escape me…?


Is it necessary to pay for an online training to learn how to create your own online courses?

Of course not! I never did. I took my time to do some research and to learn new skills and I figured it out as I went. It just took a LOT of time and a LOT of tears to get there. I mean, just figuring out what equipment I needed to film videos felt like a bottomless pit of googling!?

So this course is for those of you who want to skip all of that and just have the answers given to you.

I’ve partnered with two seriously smart people, marketing strategist Brandy Kinnear and digital marketer & SEO expert Stephen Lau to show you everything you need to CREATE and LAUNCH an online yoga course in 4 weeks or less!

You’ll even get 7 hours of non-contact continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance ?

If you want to learn more about the course, see the curriculum and price..


Feel free to reply to this email if you have questions (but please check out the sales page before emailing because most likely your question will be answered there… There’s a lot of you on this mailing list and well… RIP my inbox ?)

Lots of love,



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