If you are in need of some peace and grounding right now, getting on your mat and slowing down is one of the best things you can do.

While in these 6 poses, turn inwards and use the accompanying affirmations to be mindful.

Instead of trying to convince yourself each statement is true, repeat it a few times internally and notice how it makes you feel. If something is easy to hear. Or perhaps if there is some resistance. You may want to have a journal near by to make note of this after your practice.

1. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – From kneeling, bring the big toes together and take the knees as wide as comfortable. Fold down, bringing the forehead to the mat. Let the arms rest down. Take your time to settle in, find some comfort and stillness. Then turn to the first affirmation.

Affirmation: “Today I celebrate the joy and wonder within me.”

2. Sphinx – Slide on to the belly, with forearms down on the mat. Extend the legs back behind you, taking feet a bit wider than the hips. Lift up the chest. Control how deep you go into the heart opener by moving the elbows in or out. Feel the ribs and chest expand.

Affirmation: “Peace and harmony surrounds me at all times.”

3. Reclined Butterfly – Roll onto the back. Bring the soles together to touch, and let the knees fall out to the sides. Let the arms come up overhead (or rest down at your sides). Allow yourself to be supported by the ground.

Affirmation: “I am patient with myself and others. We are all doing our best.”

4. Sleeping Swan – Bend the knees, crossing the right ankle over the left knee. Stay here, or reach through to draw the legs towards the belly. Keep the head and shoulders relaxed on the mat.

Affirmation: “I breathe in to nourish my spirit. I breathe out to soften and relax.”

Release the legs, switch the cross and repeat.

Affirmation: “My internal dialog is kind and loving.”

5. Banana Pose – With the feet on the mat, slide the hips to the right. Slide the head and shoulders to the left side, maybe clasping opposite elbows. Walk the feet to the left as well, possibly crossing right ankle over left. Push the right hip down so everything is facing upwards.

Affirmation: “All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me.”

Switch to the other side.

Affirmation: “I send out healing energy into the world, and I lovingly receive it back.”

6. Savasana – Extend out on the mat, relaxing the limbs. Releasing the tension throughout the body. Letting it all go as you melt into the earth.

Affirmation: “In this moment I am grounded, present and serene.”

Prefer to be eased through these passive poses without thinking and worrying about the time? Practice along with me in the video below.




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