Hey Yogis,

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you’re feeling some resistance in your mind or body? Or maybe you are just feeling all out of whack, and in need of getting balance back in your life? The Energy Balance ? July Calendar is here for you!

These 31 classes will guide you to work from root to crown to find some alignment in your body (and I don’t just mean in your asanas). These chakra and element focused classes are appropriate for all levels, and are a nice mix of Yin, Vin and Meditation.

All you need to do to sign up is be a member of the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app. If you are already a subscriber, login to your app on desktop, smartphone, Roku, or AppleTV and preview it now under the ‘This Month’ tab. And get ready to start July 1st.

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āœØ In addition to this NEW calendar, inside the app you’ll also find:āœØ

  • 400+ classes that can be streamed or downloaded
  • Exclusive access to programs and guest teachers
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Remember to open your app up and start your way through the Calendar this Wednesday, July 1st (Canada Day ?? for my fellow Canadians)




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Gemini Themed Yoga: Creative and Fluid Poses

Gemini Themed Yoga: Creative and Fluid Poses

Gemini is a creative sign. They are able to adapt and fit in easily, as a very social sign. They are able to find balance between head and heart. For this Gemini themed sequence we will work through a creative, fluid flow, with a bit of balancing to tap into this sign...

7 Poses for a Strength Building Yoga Flow

7 Poses for a Strength Building Yoga Flow

Are you looking for a bit more of a workout on your mat? Short on time but want to build heat and feel a bit of a burn? Feeling a slump and needing to get that energy up quick? Try these 7 poses for a practice that's equal parts strength and stretch. No props...

Taurus Themed Yoga Poses: To Invite Abundance In

Taurus Themed Yoga Poses: To Invite Abundance In

Taurus is the second in the zodiac and an earth sign. It is related to the physical, both the body and the world. And our connection to it. As a sign it is related to grounding, and our ability to be soft and slow. That's why this practice will move slowly through...