If you are waking in the morning feeling sore and stiff, then you have come to the right place. Stretch out your entire body with this short and sweet sequence.

In particular, these poses will help to stretch your spine, shoulders, hips and legs.

The 7 stretches can be incorporated into your daily routine to see an increase in your overall flexibility and joint mobility.

1. Toe Squat – From kneeling, curl the toes underneath. You might need to move the baby toes out to find more comfort. Sit the hips down on to the heels. As you inhale, stretch the arms up to the sky. As you exhale open into a twist, reaching the left hand forward and right hand back. Inhale back to center. Exhale to the alternate side. Repeat a few rounds.

2. Cat/Cow – Come to table top, with palms under shoulders and knees under the hips. Point the toes back. As you inhale, drop the belly and curl the tailbone up and lift the gaze. As you exhale, take it in reverse by rounding and contracting the spine. Take five rounds or so, getting in to the areas that are stiff.

3. Side Body Stretch – Lift up to downward facing dog, kicking the right foot up. Step the foot a few inches behind the right wrist. Roll onto the outer edges of both feet, so all ten toes point to the right long edge of the mat. Push into the left hand, reach your right arm up and over. Press into your feet and lift the hips up higher. After a few breaths, drop the left hip down to hover off the floor. Reaching the right hand towards the back of your mat. Hold here for several breaths, feeling the opening in the side waist and hip.

4. Warrior 2 – Look down to the mat, lower the hand, and step the right foot in between the palms. Spin the back heel parallel to the short edge of your mat. Push into the feet to lift up to Warrior 2. Bend and squeeze the right knee open. Extend the arms front to back. Reverse your Warrior, flipping the palms as you reach right hand up and bring left hand down.

5. Triangle – Straighten the front leg. Bring your back foot in a couple of inches. Send the hips back. Reach the right hand forward, then lower it down toward the shin. Lift the left arm up, stacking the shoulders.

6. Pigeon – Look down to the mat, windmill the hands down, kick the right foot back to three-legged dog. Then bring the right knee forward and down behind the right wrist. Extend the left leg back. Square the hips. Hold high, or fold down. Relax the shoulders and chest down.

Repeat 3-6 on the other side.

7. Puppy Pose – Lift up to table table top, with the hips over the knees. Walk the hands forward, relaxing the forehead and chest down towards the mat. Stretch the upper back and shoulders. If you want to take a bit further, bring the palms together, bend the elbows and bring the thumbs to the back of the neck.


These 7 poses come from Day 24 of my 30 day Morning Yoga Movement challenge. If you want to start with yoga every morning for 30 days, sign up here.

Or practice along with this video by clicking play below.




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