Now that our morning yoga challenge is done, how does an evening one sound? Before I get to that…

Mark your calendars! I’ll be going LIVE on YouTube May 1st 1pm EST.

Let’s connect once the 30 day challenge is over so we can share our experience.

I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to and what’s next on my channel and I want to hear from YOU too!

Hope you’ll be there, here’s the link:ā€‹

OK.. back to the May 2020 challenge!

Do you find it difficult when it comes to that time of the night to unwind, to shut down, and to get some sleep? Setting aside some time for mindfulness and movement is the best way to prepare the body and brain for bedtime.

Join in on the Evening Yoga to Unwind Challenge, starting May 1st.

This calendar is designed to help you fall asleep fast this month. The 31 classes are a mixture of yoga (yin and vinyasa), meditation, and pranayama. Ranging in length from 5 minutes to 90 minutes, the practices are suited to all levels. They are a mix of existing content from my YouTube channel and the mobile app library.

The Evening Yoga to Unwind Challenge is exclusive to members of the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app and membership site.

If you are already a member YOU’RE IN! Get a sneak peek of the calendar and classes now under the ‘This Month’ tab. And get ready to start this Friday.

Not yet a member, sign up for the challenge by starting your FREE 7 day trial here.

If you are new to Yoga with Kassandra and want to know more about the app, here is what other users have to say:

“I love the app! It has helped me become more consistent with my practice because of the calendar feature and also because having the ability to download classes means I can still practice when there is no internet. The exclusive content is amazing and has really helped me to take my practice to the next level. I also use the journaling feature every morning and night to keep track of how I feel, set intentions and as a gratitude log. I cannot recommend the app highly enough!”

“I love the app! The calendar keeps me focused on regular practice and keeps me honest! šŸ˜‰ Seriously… I feel bad if there’s any empty date box or the dreaded red x!”

“I have had the app for about 3 weeks now. I didn’t expect to keep the subscription after my free 7 day trial but i was hooked. It’s really easy to use and well organized, I can search by style of yoga, length and levels. I love that i can just take my phone and do yoga outside which is also great for travel. The unlimited access to the monthly calendars and the variety of programs to choose from, make it easy for me to follow along and I don’t have to scroll to find which video to do next from day to day; but if I am scrolling and I find something I like, I can schedule in the calendar to do later. While there are lots of benefits to going to a studio for a class Kassandra Reinhardt makes it feel like you have a teacher right there with you, her cues are perfect and i can do classes in my pajamas! Love this app!”

So are you ready to fall asleep more easily this May? Join today!ā€‹

Talk soon,


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