If you are waking up sluggish this morning, this is a wonderful sequence to help energize you for the day ahead!

The following 7 poses will help you to open your hips, open your heart, fire up your core, and play with your balance.

You won’t need any props for this full body flow.

1. Reclined Butterfly – Lay down on your back. Bring the soles together and drop the knees out to the sides. It might feel nice to stretch the arms up overhead.

2. Ab Bicycles – Lift the feet off the floor, stacking the knees over the hips and bring the shins parallel to the floor. Push the low back into the floor, and draw your naval in. Keep the knees over the hips. Interlace the fingers behind the head. Inhale to curl the head and shoulders off of the mat. As you exhale, twist to the right and extend the left leg straight (keeping right knee steady over hip). Inhale to center. Exhale to the alternate side. Do about 5 rounds.

3. Bridge – Bring the soles to the mat, knees bent and heels close to the sit bones. Press in to the heels and lift the hips higher. Push into the big toes and think of dragging the heels towards you. Broaden through the collar. Hold for several breaths. Then lower down with control, inch by inch.

4. Ripples – Come to hands and knees. Step the feet back, lift your hips up to downward dog. Come up on the toes, with the heels high. Inhale to ripple forward to plank. Exhale, bending the knees and sending the hips up and back to downward dog. Do 3 rounds.

5. High Lunge to Warrior 3 – From down dog, step your right foot to the top of the mat. Press into the feet to lift up to high lunge. Bend in to your front knee and sink the hips down. Cactus the arms, by bending at the elbows. Spread the fingers wide and squeeze the shoulders back. Tilt forward, then start to lift the left toes up off of the mat. Lower the leg to come to stand.

6. Standing Camel – Stand with the feet about hip width apart. Bring the hands on to the low back, with the fingers pointing down. Push the hips forward. Lift and open the heart. Keeping the head from dropping back.

Fold forward and take a vinyasa before repeating 4 – 6 on the other side.

7. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – Come to kneeling. Bring the big toes together to touch, and the knees as wide as you like. Sink the hips down to the heels. Walk your hands over to the left side. Crawl the right fingers as far as you can. Pushing into the right hip. Hold for several breaths. Then walk the hands to the right side.

These 7 poses come from Day 26 of my 30 day Morning Yoga Movement challenge. If you want to start with yoga every morning for 30 days, sign up here.

Or practice along with this video by clicking play below.




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