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You might not think that much about your feet. But the truth is, they carry you around everywhere you go. And as a result you can accumulate and store a lot of tension in these extremities.

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You might not think that much about your feet. But the truth is, they carry you around everywhere you go. And as a result you can accumulate and store a lot of tension in these extremities.

Take 5 minutes and add these three stretches in to your routine to give your feet and ankles some TLC.

1. Toe Squat – This first stretch will work in to the bottoms of the feet and the toes. Curl your toes under and let your hips sink back on top of the heels. Depending on how much time you spend on your feet, and what kind of footwear you sport, this might be really intense. If your little toes are being crushed underneath, grab them and move them out. If this is too intense, place your palms down in front to keep a little more weight forward. Hold this one for 1-2 minutes.

2. Ankle Stretch – This second stretch will get in to the ankles, the tops of the feet, and maybe the shins. Point your toes back behind you, and sit back on your heels. Place the palms down behind you, fingers pointing forward. Rock the weight back. trying to lift the knees and shins off of the floor. Hold for 5-10 breaths.

3. Downward Dog – In this final stretch, you can make small adjustments in a standard pose in order to target the feet and ankles. Have the hands shoulder width apart, and the feet hip distance. Lift your hips up and back. Adjust by bending your knees generously and lifting the heels up high. After a few breaths here. Press the heels down. Finish off by bending one knee at a time, pedaling the feet out a few times.

Watch the full 5 minute tutorial video below.


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