Feeling the March Matness?

Are you looking to increase your flexibility? To improve your overall mobility? To get rid of tension in the body? Or just for 31 days of deep delicious stretches? Then you've opened the right email!
Feeling the March Matness?

Join in on the March Mobility Challenge for some MATNESS this month!
These 31 classes are a pretty even mix of Yin and Yang. They vary in length (some quick hits of 5 minutes, some delicious 90 minute practices). They are also accessible to all levels.
You can now get a sneak peek of the calendar in the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app (under the 'This Month' tab). Be ready to start with a 60-minute beginner Yin class on Sunday, March 1st 2020.
Can't wait to start, you can always join in on the last couple days of the February challenge!
All you have got to do to sign up and give yourself the gift of 31 consistent days of stretchy practice is be a member of the Yoga with Kassandra mobile app. If you haven't tried it yet, start with a FREE 7-day trial.
These monthly challenges are just the start of what you will find inside the mobile app.
​If you are wanting to start, or maintain, a consistent yoga practice, this mobile app is like having a yoga studio in your pocket - absolutely anywhere you go.
Talk soon,
P.S. Once you get under way with the challenge, be sure to share your journey in our Facebook community, with updates and photos of your progress!

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