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If you have a FeetUp trainer, you might just be using it for inversions and practicing your headstand. But you can do so much more, including a full body vinyasa flow with this great yoga prop. Pull it out and try these 7 poses and mini flows with it.

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If you have a FeetUp trainer, you might just be using it for inversions and practicing your headstand. But you can do so much more, including a full body vinyasa flow with this great yoga prop. Pull it out and try these 7 poses and mini flows with it.

1. Reclined – Start this practice reclined on your back in Savasana. Bringing the shins up on to the table. Settle in, taking deep mindful breaths here. After a couple of minutes, bend your knees and bring your feet flat on the top of the table. Pushing in to the feet, lift the hips and back up in to a Bridge. Press and roll your shoulder back. Lower and lift the hips a few times. Keep hugging the knees towards one another, not opening out to the sides. After a few rounds, send the weight in to the right foot and extend the left leg up towards the sky. Bring the left foot down, send weight in to left foot and extend the right leg up to the sky.

2. Vinyasa – Start kneeling in front of the trainer, holding the wooden edges. Tuck your toes under and lift the hips up and back into Downward Facing Dog. Feel your shoulders rolling out. Bend the knees one at a time, pedaling out the feet. As you inhale, lift the heels up and ripple forward in to Plank pose. Exhale, bending the elbows and hugging them in to the ribs in Chaturanga. Inhale, lifting the chest and straightening the arms in Upward Facing Dog. Exhale, send hips up and back in Down Dog. Repeat Vinyasa through one more time. Walk your feet forwards to the top of the mat, bringing the hats to hold the back of the prop in Forward Fold. Rocking the hips back as far as you can to stretch in to the hamstrings and the sides.

3. Low Lunge to Pyramid – From Down Dog, inhale the right leg up and back. Bend your right knee and open the right hip up. Exhale, drawing the right knee in to the nose and shifting forward to Plank. Inhale back to Three-Legged Dog. Repeat a few rounds. On last one, step right foot in to center of feet up trainer. Drop your left knee down to the mat, and melt the hips forward and down in Low Lunge. After a few breaths, tuck the toes under and lift the back knee off the floor. Shifting the weight back and forth mobilizing the ankle. Then straighten the right leg, and fold forward into Pyramid pose. Your back heel may or may not touch down. Hold wherever is accessible on the FeetUp trainer. Repeat on other side.

4. Warrior Series – From Down Dog, extend the right leg up and back. Step right foot through to the center of the FeetUp trainer. Spin the left toes out to the side. Bend in to the right knee, sinking hips low and extending arms front to back in Warrior 2. Reverse your Warrior, reaching the right hand up and bringing left hand down. Then take Extended Side Angle, bringing the right hand down to where is accessible on the trainer, and reach the left arm up and over. Roll the left shoulder back. Start to straighten the right leg in to Triangle pose. Bend in to the right knee, bring right hand to top of table, and lift left leg up for Half Moon Pose. Bring left hand down to table, turn chest forward and kick left leg up and back in Standing Splits. Repeat on other side.

5. Headstand – Move the trainer to the center of your mat. Grip the sides of the FeetUp. Tuck your head in so that the shoulders are resting comfortably. Relax your neck as much as possible. Walk the feet in as much as possible. Maybe tuck one heel in and up, and then lift the other and extend the legs up. Or to work the core more, lift both legs up straight from here. Keep the elbows hugging in. Keep the legs active.

6. Inverted Forward Fold – Send your hips back, and start to lower the legs down. Tuck your chin towards the chest. Look up towards the thighs. Rest your shoulders more on the pillow. Keep tucking, maybe bringing the forehead to touch the shins. After holding here for a few breaths. Release the toes down, and release. Take a child’s pose to recover from the inversions.

7. Heart Opener – Turn the trainer around so that the cushion faces in. Sit down and turn the back to face away from the prop. Extend the legs out in front as you rest back on to the table, around the shoulder blades and head resting on the pillow. Bring your fingers down on to the table in a Supported Fish pose. Keep the legs out front or bend the knees, dropping them to the side, and bringing soles together to touch.

Want to do a full 30 minute practice on the FeetUp? Check out the full length video below.


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