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Rise and shine with this fast and fun flow! If you're dragging your heels in the morning, it's time to properly wake up with these 7 poses. You don't need long to get out of your comfort zone, try new poses, and also stretch the body from head to toe.

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Rise and shine with this fast and fun flow!

If you’re dragging your heels in the
morning, it’s time to properly wake up with these 7 poses.

You don’t need long to get out of your comfort zone, try new poses, and also stretch the body from head to toe. 

Absolutely no other props than a mat needed for this one.

1. Kneeling – Start kneeling, tucking the toes underneath (if it feels okay). Reach your arms all the way up to the sky. Open and circle the arms a few times. Cactus the arms. Inhale to squeeze the shoulder blades behind you. Exhale, rounding and contracting the forearms together. Moving through this cat/cow variation a few times. Interlace your fingers, flip the palms, and reach your hands up. Release the hands and untuck the toes.

2. Puppy Stretch – Come to table top. Leaving the hips over the knees. Walk the hands forward, and bring the forehead to rest on the mat. Melt the heart towards the mat. Relax your arms and belly as you hold for a few breaths.

3. Low Lunge – Step the right foot forward between the hands. Then lift up, interlacing the thumbs and reaching the arms overhead. Sink the hips down and forward. Press the hands back to come in to a bit of a back bend. Lower the hands back down to frame the foot. Then straighten the front leg and fold. Kick the right foot back, bending the knee, and reaching the heel up to the sky. Stay here, or reach the left hand back to clasp the foot. Push the foot in to your hand to deepen in to the back bend. Release, and counteract with a cat pose (rounding and contracting the spine). Repeat through on the other side.

4. Downward to Upward Dog – Come to downward facing dog. Paddle the feet out a few times, by bending one knee and pushing the opposite heel towards the ground. Lift the heels as high as you can go. Ripple forward in to plank. Point the toes back, drop the hips down, keep your elbows straight. Shine the heart forward in upward facing dog. As you exhale, tuck the chin to the chest and use your core to lift the hips up and back, returning to downward dog. Repeat a few times. Take child’s pose for 5 deep breaths.

5. Bear Pose – Come to a seat with the knees bent. Grab the big toes with the two peace fingers. Walk your heels in, leaning back to find your balance on the sit bones and lift the heels. Keeping the left knee bent, extend the right leg out. Shining the heart forward. Bend the right knee and straighten the left leg. Bend the left knee. Next, try to straighten both legs out. Lower down. Bring the soles together to touch and drop the knees apart. Fold forward.

6. Seated Twist – Cross the right foot over the left thigh. Hug your right leg in with the left arm. Bring your right fingers back behind you. Open the chest to the right side to take the twist. Repeat on the other side.

7. Seated Meditation – Come to a comfortable or cross legged seat. Rest your hands on the legs. Take some half circles with the head. Roll the shoulders down and away from the ears. Bring your hands together at the heart. Find and set a one-word intention for your day. After thinking about your intention, set and seal it by chanting “Om” one time.

Prefer to be guided through the full 10 minute practice? Press play on the video below.


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