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Are you feeling worked up? Boiling over? Frustrated and needing to vent? Take it to the mat and find a healthy way to release and work through that anger.

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Are you feeling worked up? Boiling over? Frustrated and needing to vent? Take it to the mat and find a healthy way to release and work through that anger.

In this practice you will combine Yin Yoga asanas with affirmations to address frustrations. Simply repeat the affirmation a few times internally, noticing how it makes you feel. Process the emotions that come up, feel in to them, and then let them go.

I highly recommend having a journal at the ready for the end of this practice, to write down anything that comes up.

Also have 1 block handy.

1. One-minute Breath – When you are worked up, the breath is your best resource for calming down and targeting the parasympathetic nervous system. The goal of one-minute breath, is to inhale for 20 seconds, retain the breath for 20 seconds, and then exhale for 20 seconds. That is quite advanced, and will take some time to work up to, so start with 10. Find a comfortable seat to start. Drop shoulders away from ears and rest your hands on the legs. Inhale fully for 10 seconds, hold for 10, then exhale for 10. Repeat this for a few rounds of breath. Afterwards, allow normal breath to come back. While seated here, bring to mind that which is causing you turmoil.

2. Butterfly – From a seat, bring the soles together to touch, dropping the knees out to the side. Start to tilt forward from the pelvis. Make this fold passive, rounding in the spine and releasing down with gravity. Support the head with the block or let it dangle. Find the version of the shape that works for you, find some stillness, and then hold the pose for a few minutes.
Affirmation: “I release the need to control others.”

3. Dragonfly – Extend the legs out to the sides in a straddle. Rotate towards the right leg, then begin to fold. Allowing the body to open in to the fold over time. Again you might place a block underneath the forehead or leave it to gravity to open up.
Affirmation: “I am a calm and loving person.”
Lift up slowly, and shift towards the left leg. Repeat.
Affirmation: “I allow emotions to flow through me without attachment.”
Slowly rise back up, move to center and fold forward.
Affirmation: “Anger is energy and I turn that energy into positive action.”

4. Half Happy Baby – Lower down on to the back, with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Hug the right knee in to the chest, opening the leg to the right side body. Stay here, or catch hold of the big toe and kick the heel up as you guide the knee down. Bring the right elbow inside of the right knee to open it further. Keep the shoulders and head on the ground. To step this up, extend the left leg out in front of you, or drop the left knee out to the side. Keep the body weight evenly distributed between the two sides.
Affirmation: “I am a loving force of good in this world.”
Release and switch sides.
Affirmation: “I let go of old past hurts with ease.”

5. Banana – Move the hips to the right. Shift the chest, shoulders and head to the left. Possibly clasp opposite elbows. Walk the legs to the left, as you extend them out. To increase intensity cross the right ankle over the left. The whole body should be facing up, isolating this stretch in to the side body.
Affirmation: “Forgiveness comes naturally to me.”
Ease to the other side.
Affirmation: “Outside circumstances will not affect my inner peace.”

6. Savasana – Extend out, taking up some space. Shrug the shoulders away from the ears. Close the eyes. Release tension from the forehead, the cheeks, the jaw. Imagine sinking in to the floor beneath you.
Affirmation: “This too shall pass. I welcome change.”

Prefer to be guided through the poses and transitions? Practice along with me in the video below.


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