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On those days when you want to fire up your practice on the mat, this core based Vinyasa class is great. Roll out your mat and start your morning with these 7 poses.

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On those days when you want to fire up your practice on the mat, this core based Vinyasa class is great. Roll out your mat and start your morning with these 7 poses.

These asanas focus on your abdominals, as well as glutes, and legs. It also starts with some breathwork to get your internal fire flaming.

Let’s get to it!

1. Pranayama – Sit comfortably, and lengthen through the spine. Focus on your naval and low body as you breathe. Feel the belly expanding as you inhale, and draw in as you exhale. Notice your deep abdominals working. Interlace your fingers, reaching the knuckles forward to prepare for Kundalini breathwork. Take a fast deep inhale as you lift your hands up, and then a fast exhale as you drop the hands down. Continue with this for one minute. When finished place the hands on your knees, find a regular breath rhythm, noticing the effects of this breathwork.

2. Down Dog to Plank – Starting in table top, take a few rounds of cat/cow. Then tuck the toes underneath and lift your hips up and back to downward dog. Inhale, lifting the heels up and ripple forward into plank. As you exhale, press in to the heels to reverse back to downward dog. Repeat 5 rounds. Then drop the knees down, with hips stacked over. Walk hands forward and melt forehead to mat for Puppy Pose.

3. Cobra – Slide down on to the belly, with the hands at sides of the chest. On your inhale, press in to the finger tips, and lift the chest up. Exhale to lower. Do 3 baby cobras. Then stack the palms and rest the forehead down. As you inhale, lift the feet from the floor as high as you can. Exhale the feet down. Repeat 5 times.

4. Dancing Warrior – Return to downward dog, kicking your right heel up to the sky, bend the knee and open the hip. Take a few breaths then straighten the leg and step right foot through between the hands. Spin the left toes out to the side and heel down as you bend into the right knee. Lift up to Warrior 2, reaching hands front to back. Get in to the obliques by Dancing your Warrior. As you inhale, reach the right arm up and left fingertips reach to front. As you exhale, reverse arms to extend forwards. Repeat this through 4 times. Repeat on the other side.

5. Balance – Step to the front of your mat. With the hands at the heart, lift the left knee up. Balancing on the right leg, as you straighten the left leg out in front of you and point the toes. Inhale the arms up overhead. As you exhale, sweep the arms down and tap toes back. Do 5 rounds. Return the hands to the heart, as you kick the left leg back behind you into Warrior 3. Squeezing in to the glutes. Repeat on the right side.

6. High Lunge – From downward dog, kick the right leg up. Exhale, stepping the right foot through between the hands. Keep the toes tucked under and heel kicking back as you lift the hands up in to high lunge. As you inhale extend forward, in to a long diagonal line from fingertips to heel. Repeat on other side.

7. Forearms – Return to downward dog, shifting forward to plank. Lower down on to the forearms. Walk your feet in and lift your hips up to come in to Dolphin pose. Lift the heels as high as you can go. Then see if you can kick your right leg up. Lower the right foot back down. Then try it on the left leg. Lower down. Drop the knees down, sink hips to the heels and take a few breaths in Child’s Pose.

Want the full half hour intermediate vinyasa practice? Check out the video below.


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