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This month Tasia Bryski is leading my Yoga with Kassandra app subscribers through meditations for the chakras. The following is a breakdown of the first in the series, for the first two chakras - Root and Sacral.

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This month, Tasia Bryski is leading my Yoga with Kassandra app subscribers through meditations for the chakras. The following is a breakdown of the first in the series, addressing the first two chakras – Root and Sacral.

The Root chakra is located at the base of your spine, right around the sit bones.
The Sacral chakra is found in the space below the naval. 

1. Unblocking – Both physically and energetically. Sit comfortably, extend up through the crown, and close your eyes. Rest arms heavy in to the lap. Take a moment to tune in to the body, with full breaths; inhaling through the nose and exhaling it all out. Unclench your jaw, soften your shoulders, broaden your collar bones. Notice the sensations currently in your body. Let go of any want to control and change anything about your practice. Simply accept what comes. Be curious and non-judgmental.

2. Awareness of Root Chakra – Bring your awareness to the area around the sit bones. Notice the body rooting down in to the earth. Notice the mat physically beneath you. Ground your energy in to this space. Notice the sensations occurring around this area of the body. Allow them to be. With physical grounding, comes energetic grounding. Cultivate a sense of security.

3. Mantras for the Root Chakra – Repeat the following mantras: “I am here.” “I am grounded.” “I am safe.” Notice the energetic shift as you contemplate these. Visualize a glowing crimson red light. Send this light down in to the sit bones.

4. Awareness of Sacral Chakra –  Shift your awareness to the area just below the belly button. The area of creativity and sensuality. Allow your senses to become heightened here. Resist temptation to control or manage them, be content. Embrace the authentic, present moment. Allow your creativity to shine.

5. Mantras for Sacral Chakra – Repeat the following mantras: “I feel creative.” “I feel connected to my senses.” “I feel alive.” “I feel, I feel, I feel.” Breathe in to invite balance, breathe out to release what is not serving you. Allow a glowing orange light to take over your vision. Send it to the area of the low belly. May this energy enable authenticity, creativity, and sexuality.

Prefer to be guided through this meditation by Tasia’s soothing voice click through to the video below.


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