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Like the name says, the video of this flow is done with very little talking from me.

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Like the name says, the video of this flow is done with very little talking from me.

This practice is great if you’re a yoga teacher and looking for inspiration to keep your personal home practice fresh, but prefer to have a more meditative experience (without hearing all the blabbering). Or for other advanced practitioners that don’t need all the instruction.

It is not necessarily the poses that are more intermediate in this flow, but that your practice should be at the point where you don’t need to be guided through the alignment (and can do so safely).

The below is a list of the poses if you just want to take that and run with it. If you do want a visual cue, check out my latest YouTube post.

1. Reclined Poses:
Reclined butterfly
Half happy baby (right side)
Reclined pigeon pose (right side)
One-legged bridge pose (right side)
Hamstring stretch
Repeat through on left side
Knees to chest

2. Seated Poses:
Seated twist to right
Seated twist to left
Reverse table top (with blocks)
Straighten legs and lean back
Head to knee – left foot in
Seated twist – left foot crosses
Head to knee – right foot in
Seated twist – right foot crosses
Downward dog
Rag doll forward fold

3. Standing Series:
Mountain pose
Chair pose
Standing, right leg rises – hands at heart
Extend leg
High lunge – arms rise up
Three-legged dog – transition to knee to nose. Repeat 3 times
Step through to low lunge – hands on blocks
Half splits – pick up left foot
Easy twist
Side plank
Repeat through on the other side

4. Standing Series:
High lunge
Dancer’s pose
Chair pose
Prayer twist to right
Lunge with prayer twist – left leg steps back
Warrior 2
Half moon pose
Repeat through on the other side

5. Winding Down:
Reverse table top (with blocks)
Straighten legs, hips back, try to pick up seat and legs in L-Sit
Forward fold
Square pose – right shin on top, turn to left, fold towards knee
Square pose on other side
Supported fish pose – 10 breaths
Lower down to flat
Right knee to chest
Take knee across the body in to twist
Left knee to chest
Take knee across the body in to twist

If you prefer to have some visual guidance, practice along with the video below.


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