NEW Gentle Yoga Beginner Series inside!

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I’ve got a brand new series in the Yoga with Kassandra Mobile app & website!!
Introducing our Gentle Hatha Yoga for Beginners program by Meghan Johnston.
I don’t know about you, but I get really annoyed when I search for beginner classes on YouTube only to find videos with a bunch of downdogs, vinyasas and sometimes even inversions like headstand! Do people not know what beginner means anymore?
This new series is meant to be for the ACTUAL beginner student. Regardless of your current “fitness” level or previous yoga experience, this series is suitable for ALL bodies.
Inside this bundle you’ll find 7 full length classes that are ideal for beginner yoga students who are looking for easy-to-follow, gentle yoga classes.
There are no downward dogs or plank poses in these classes. They are fantastic for seniors, people with limited mobility or anyone new to the practice of yoga. You can expect slow movements which help you connect to your breath and really feel into your body for a mindful practice.
No previous experience needed, this is truly a yoga series for every body. Meghan is a smart, thoughtful and compassionate teacher who makes sure to provide plenty of time for students to get in and out of poses and provides lots of alternatives and recommendations.
The series includes:
  • Growing Your Roots – 55 min
  • Finding Strength Within – 30 min
  • Mid-Day Refresh – 15 min
  • Staying Close To The Earth – 30 min
  • Nourish Your Whole Self – 70 min
  • Open Your Heart – 55 min
  • Waking Up Joyful – 20 min
If you already have my app you’ll find it under Exclusives, it’s also under Exclusives – Programs on the website.
✨ Download the app or sign up via the website to start the series ?
OR simply go to the app store on your Apple or Android device and search for Yoga with Kassandra. Remember there’s a free 7 day trial too! ?
✨ Inside the app you’ll find:✨
  • 300+ classes that can be streamed or downloaded
  • Full unlimited access to monthly yoga calendars and programs
  • New members-only content added every month
  • Scheduling calendar and video tracker
  • In-app journaling feature
You’ll also find the new July Energy Balance yoga calendar + challenge!
This was one of the most popular themes last year so I’m bringing “Energy Balance” back. There are a few videos which are the same but also a bunch of new ones added in. Great for all experience levels!
See you on the mat!


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