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Is your libido in need of a restore? Instead of accepting the dip in sex drive, you can give this Yin yoga practice a try!

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Is your libido in need of a restore? Instead of accepting the dip in sex drive, you can give this Yin yoga practice a try!

This Kidney Meridian practice will help you to move qi (pronounced chee) through the body, and in turn remove blockages that may be holding you back from optimal sexual health.

As you hold each one of these 7 poses, notice any stories that come up around your sexuality. What have you been telling yourself? What judgements arise within yourself? Take this time to adopt a new mindset, a new perspective. Open yourself up to new relationships and healing.

Have 1 block handy for these poses. Hold each one for somewhere between 2-5 minutes.

Prefer to practice for 1 full hour alongside me? Scroll to the bottom to watch the video.

1. Reclined Butterfly – Lay down on your back. Bring the soles together to touch, and drop the knees out to the sides. Take Yoni mudra to connect to your sexual organs. Bring the thumbs together, index fingers together to touch, and place the palms on the low belly. Find a comfortable rhythm in your breath, sending it to the area below the hands. Use your breath to cultivate vitality, energy, and awareness in your sexual organs, your hips and pelvis. As you hold here, release the tension from the body, and allow this release to tap in energetically.

2. Supported Bridge – Grab your block. Lift the hips up and place the block on its lowest setting underneath the hips. Hug your right knee to the chest, and straighten your left leg out. Feel the opening through the left thigh, into the hip flexors and maybe in to the groin. Only use a little bit of arm strength here. Let the upper body be heavy. Find your edge, a variation of the pose that is right for you today. As you hold here, ask yourself what is a negative belief or behavior that you want to let go of as it relates to your sensuality? Release the old, to make room for new beliefs and behaviors.

Release and switch legs.

3. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – From kneeling, bring your big toes together and widen your knees as wide as comfortable. Extend your arms out in front of you, as you melt down to the mat. The Kidney Meridian travels up through the spine to the heart. Try and melt this area down to the mat. As you physically release tension in this area, it will make it easier to also release the energy stuck here. If you start to feel any pain, you may have gone too far – bring the knees closer.

4. Swan – Bring your right knee behind your right wrist. Extend your left leg out behind you. If your hips are off the floor, you can place your block under the right hip. Square your weight over the front leg. Start to fold forward, melting down to the floor. Maybe placing a block underneath the forehead. The more intense the Yin pose, the more it may trigger emotions to come up. Notice what arises for you here.

Gently ease out, then switch sides.

5. Frog – This is one of the most intense poses in the Yin style. Widen your knees as much as you can reasonably do. Keep your hips in line with your knees. Then have your ankles in line with your knees. So the legs are bent at 90 degrees. Flex the feet. Fold forward, resting the forehead on the block or on the ground. If these options are too much, you may opt to stay up on the palms. Find the version that works for you so that you can hold the pose for a few minutes. Focus on your breath, it is your greatest ally in challenging poses.

6. Half Happy Baby – Come down on to your back, keep the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Bring the right knee toward the right shoulder. Hold here, or clasp hold of the big toe or outside of foot. Align your ankle over the knee. Use your elbow to push the knee open further, as you simultaneously pull the thigh down towards the ground. Keep your left hip pressing down to the floor, and maybe drop the left knee out to the side as well. Relax the upper body.

7. Laying Spinal Twist – Wrap your right thigh around the left one. Slide the hips towards the right. Then drop both knees to the left. Extend your arms out, grounding down through the shoulders. Maybe close your eyes as you hold here.

Repeat 6 and 7 on the other side.


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