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Increase sexual vitality with this slow flow Vinyasa practice, focusing on hip openers.

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Increase sexual vitality with this slow flow Vinyasa practice, focusing on hip openers.

Physically this practice will release tension from the hips and pelvis, and improve circulation here. Emotionally you will give your self some care and attention, and allow yourself to feel pleasure. Energetically, this flow will move prana and Qi (chi) throughout the body, clearing out any blockages that are keeping sexual energy stuck.

1. Intention Setting – Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and relax your shoulders. Turn your focus to the breath, feeling it flow in and out of the nose. Imagine the breath moving to the low belly, the low back, the sexual organs, and deep in to the womb. Taking a moment to set an intention for your practice.

2. Reclined Sequence – Lower down on to your back. Start with Reclined Butterfly, bringing the soles together, dropping the knees out, and rest hands on the belly. Send the breath in to the area under the palms. Draw the knees back up. Next take Half Happy Baby, hugging the right knee in, holding the big toe with two peace fingers, while drawing knee down. Feel a nice deep stretch through inner groin. Move in to Reclined Pigeon, by crossing the right ankle over the right thigh and open the knee to the right. Draw the left leg in, as you flex the right foot. Release and bring your feet down to mat. Press up in to Bridge, curling the tailbone, low and mid back up. Rolling the shoulders underneath you. Lower and lift the hips a few times. Switch sides and repeat this sequence through.

3. Hip Sequence – Come to table top, with palms under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Take some circular cat/cows, moving the shoulders and hips freely and intuitively. Start to trace big circles with the hips, moving them all the way forward, to the side, back to the heels, and continue for a few rounds. Tuck the toes under and lift up to downward dog. From here, ripple forward to plank, and ripple back to down dog. Repeat several times through. Step forward to the front of your mat, staying in the forward fold. Take the feet a bit wider, and clasp opposite elbows. Rock a bit side to side, releasing the tension from neck and shoulders. Move in and out of Malasana (yogi squat), bending the knees and dropping the hips, then lift the hips and straighten the legs.

4. Warrior Sequence – Standing at the front of your mat, reach your arms all the way up to the sky. Fold forward, as you do so rub the hands all the way down the body. Inhale, half lift. Exhale, fold down, plant the palms, step back to down dog. Kick your left leg up to the sky, bend your knee, and open the hip up. Trace big circles with your left knee. Step the left foot forward and make your way up to Warrior 2. Inhale, straightening the legs and reaching the arms up overhead. Exhale, lowering the arms to shoulder height and bending the front knee to return to Warrior 2. Repeat a few times. Move in to Triangle Pose, straightening the left leg and dropping the left hand down as the right hand reaches up.

5. Goddess Sequence – Turn the left toes to the right, so the feet are wide and parallel to the short edges of your mat. Hinge from the hips to fold down. Let your hands rest down where comfortable. Relax your upper body. Bring hands to the hips, and slowly make your way back up. Turn the heels in and toes out slightly. Bend the knees and sink the hips down for Goddess. Interlace the hands above the head, steeple the thumbs and pointer fingers. Bring hands down to the thighs. Drop the right shoulder, pulling the left shoulder back in a twist. Step to the front of the mat.

Repeat 4 and 5 on the other side.

6. Low Sequence – From down dog, kick the left foot up, and step it through between the hands. Lower the back knee down, shift the pelvis forward, and lift the chest up for Low Lunge. Rise the arms up as you inhale. Lift your back knee, set the hands inside the left foot. Then walk the hands to the right foot as the left toes turn up. Left leg straightens as right knee bends for Skandasana. Move back and forth between sides for a few rounds. Then spin back to low lunge. Bend the back knee, and reach back with opposite hand to grab foot and pull it in for a quad stretch. Come to table top pose, kick left heel to the sky. Inhale, drop the belly and lift the gaze. Exhale, round the back and draw the knee to the nose. Repeat a few rounds. Then hold the left foot up and reach back with right hand to clasp foot. Push foot in to the palm to lift higher in to back bend for Tiger Pose. Repeat on the other side.

7. Cool Down – Keep your hips over your knees as you walk your hand out and melt the heart and forehead to the ground in Puppy Pose. Walk the hands back in to table top. Then slide the right knee behind the right wrist. Extend the left leg back behind you, square the hips over the front shin and fold down over it. Settle in here for a moment. Then repeat on the left leg. To wrap up, make your way on to your back, hugging the knees in to the belly. Grab the big toes with the two peace fingers and draw the knees down as the heels kick up in Happy Baby. Rock gently side to side. Set the feet down wide on your mat and drop the knees to one side, windshield wiping them back and forth a few times.

 Prefer to be guided through your practice by audio and visual cues? Practice along with me in the video below.


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