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both yin and yang, in this well balanced practice! One part is a strong
Vinyasa flow, the other is a passive practice of Yin.

the two types of yoga are combined, Yin is traditionally done first
(and cold), though I prefer it first. I have divided the two style in
to two blog posts, so you could choose to flip them around if you
prefer. But if you are doing it the way I have (in the video below), be
mindful that your muscles will already be warm. You’ll be working them,
rather than the joints and tissues. It is easy to go past your edge this
way, so be sure to pull back a bit so you don’t overstretch.

Grab two blocks to practice the 5 Yin poses below. Find
the Vinyasa portion in part 1 after you’re done (or go find it first if
you prefer).

1. Butterfly Fold – From seated, bring the soles together and drop knees to the side. Melt the upper body over the legs. If it feels good, place a block under the forehead. Rest your forearms down. No effort is needed here, instead focus on the breath. Hold back a bit (especially if you have just completed the Vinyasa sequence). As with all of these poses, hold for 2-5 minutes each. When the time comes, push your hands in to the floor to slowly come back up.

2. Supported Fish – Grab the two blocks, setting one up lengthwise to go between the shoulder blades and the other horizontal to support the head. Lower down on to the props. The legs can once again be opened in to butterfly, or extended out long. Melt the shoulders down, and open the heart up here. Let the arms relax at your sides.

3. Reclined Swan – Lower down on to your back. Bend the knees and bring the soles to the floor. Cross your right ankle over the left thigh, and drop the right knee out to the side. Flex both feet as you guide the legs toward the upper body using only a minimal amount of arm strength. Release tension in the rest of the body. Release the left foot back down.

4. Spinal Twist – Cross the right thigh over the left. Extend your arms out to the side in a T or cactus shape. Shift the hips slightly towards the right, then drop both knees to the left. If the knees are up off the ground, you can prop a block under or between the knees to make the poses more comforting.

Repeat 3 and 4 on the other side.

5. Savasana – Take a moment to do any last little bits of movement that your body is calling for. Then extend out and get comfortable in your final resting pose. Dropping feet out as legs extend. Bringing the arms at the sides, and turning the palms up. Releasing the tension from the whole body, relaxing into it as you close the eyes.

Find the Vinyasa Sequence here.

Practice the full 1 hour flow alongside me below.


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