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This is a practice which combines affirmations for success with yin yoga poses on your mat. Affirmations are a great way to illustrate limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

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The word success goes far beyond that of our career and jobs, it encapsulates all areas of our lives.

This is a practice which combines affirmations for success with yin yoga poses on your mat. Affirmations are a great way to illustrate limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

As you say each one to yourself, notice the ones which are harder to hear. These may be areas that you need to do a bit more work in. After the practice, grab a journal and take some time to uncover what may be holding you back related to these more difficult affirmations.

For the following poses have 2 blocks at the ready.

1. Toe Squat – Tuck your toes under, and sit back on your heels. You can pad your knees here if you need to with blankets or cushions. If your baby toes are uncomfortable, manually move them out to the sides. If this is too much, you can bring the hands down or shift forwards slightly. Reach up through the crown of the head.
Affirmation: “I have unlimited power and potential.”

2. Melting Heart – From table top, align your hips over your knees. Then walk the hands forward, bringing the forehead to the ground. Melt the chest down. Opening the heart, shoulders, and upper back.
Affirmation: “I believe in myself, and know I am capable of great things.”

3. Dragon – Step your right foot between the hands at the front of your mat. Leave the left knee down (or padded). Stack the right knee over the ankle, with toes and knee pointing to the front. Melt the hips forward and down. Lift up through the chest. You can bring blocks underneath the hands if you need more lift here.
Affirmation: “I am focused on my dreams and goals.”
Switch sides.
Affirmation: “I attract the right circumstances at the right time.”

4. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – Bring the big toes together, and the knees as wide as you feel comfortable with. Push the hips back towards the heels. Fold forward, bringing the forehead to the mat. Extend the arms out in front of you, relaxing shoulders away from the ears.
Affirmation: “I can easily handle whatever comes my way.”

5. Butterfly Fold – From seated, bring your feet together to touch and drop the knees out to the sides. Keep the feet further away from you to feel the stretch more in the outer hips. Bring them closer to you to stretch more in to the groin. Turn the palms up and let the back round as you fold forward. If it feels good to prop a block under the head, do so. Relax completely as you soften in to the shape.
Affirmation: “I always ask for help when I need it.”

6. Seated Twist – Extend the legs out in front of you. Bend your right knee and step the foot over to the outer edge of your left thigh. Optionally, bend the left knee and draw the foot to the outside of right hip. Lift and lengthen through the spine. Hug your right thigh with your left arm, and walk the right hand back behind you.
Affirmation: “My work is satisfying and productive.”
Switch sides.
Affirmation: “I love setting new goals and believe I can achieve them.”

7. Savasana – Lower all the way down and settle in. Notice how you feel now compared to the start. Take the time to integrate the work and affirmations in to the body. When you get up, grab your journal and write down anything that came up.

If you prefer to listen and watch me demo, watch the video below.


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