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Without a doubt Warrior 2 is one of the most common poses used in yoga classes. While it is a beginner friendly pose, it is certainly not easy!

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Without a doubt Warrior 2 is one of the most common poses used in yoga classes. While it is a beginner friendly pose, it is certainly not easy!

It is one of the most misunderstood poses. I see the same common mistakes in alignment often and thus thought I would break it down.

Let’s build the pose together from the foundation up.

Feet – Start with the front foot (left in this example) pointing to the front of the mat. Bring the back foot (right) parallel to the back edge of the mat. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can turn your toes in slightly. Align the front heel, to the arch of the back foot. Feet should be about the same length apart as the wrists when the arms are extended out. Distribute the weight through all four corners of the feet, lifting through the arches.

Knees – Start to bend in to the front knee (left). Press the front knee open, towards the little toe or tracking over the second and third toe. Remember that your knee should be doing the same thing as your ankle and hip. If it starts to collapse in that is where trouble starts to happen. Squeeze the glute to pull it open. Moving to the back knee – the leg should be straight, but without hyperextending. Instead, think about pulling up through the quads and lifting the knee cap up.

Hip – This is a pose that works on the tension of opposites. The more you squeeze the front knee open, the more your back hip wants to pop forward. But again, your hip should be doing as your knee and ankle is. Instead, press your right hip back while pushing the front knee open. You need a lot of hip flexibility here.

Chest – Lengthen the spine as you open your arms up. People often lunge forward here, but you want to keep your shoulders over the hips. Additionally, press the right shoulder back. Squaring the shoulders to the right side.

Arms – Bring the hands parallel to the floor. The back hand tends to want to drop lower than the front, aim to keep them even. Then take the gaze to the front fingers.

If you are more of a visual or auditory learner, check out the video below.


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