7 Yin Yoga Poses and Accompanying Affirmations for Inner Peace

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Yin yoga and affirmations are such a natural and amazing pairing. You may be intimidated by affirmations, but they can be simple to work with.

Each of the 7 poses below come with an affirmation. Repeat each one internally to yourself as you hold the pose. Don’t judge how the words make you feel or force yourself to believe it. Simply notice the feelings that come up. If it’s easy to hear, you are likely doing okay in this area. If you find some resistance, you may have some work to do there.

After completing this practice, I highly encourage taking some time to journal, think through the feelings that came up. Work on uncovering the whys.

If you like this combination of yin and affirmations, I will be releasing a full series of these on the Yoga with Kassandra App soon.

Have 1 block handy, let’s get started.

1. Supported Bridge – Lower down on to your back, with knees bent and soles on the mat. Lift the hips up and slide the block under your hips, on either the lowest or middle height. As with all of these poses, take a moment to settle in and find some comfort in the pose. A spot you will be able to hold for a couple of minutes, find some stillness there.
Affirmation: “All is well in my world, and I am safe.”

2. Reclined Low Lunge – If the block is not already on its lowest level, bring it down to the first level. Draw your right knee in towards your belly. Option to extend the other leg out straight to take the stretch further. Don’t use too much force with the arms, simply let the hands guide the leg in closer.
Affirmation: “I let go of the past, and move joyfully in to the present.”
Switch legs, bringing the left knee in and extending the right leg out.
Affirmation: “My inner self always knows what to do.”

3. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – Bring the big toes together, and take the knees as wide as you would like. Shift the hips towards the heels. Fold forward, relax the belly and chest. If you feel any pinching in the low back, bring the knees in.
Affirmation: “I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should.”

4. Sphinx – Slide on to the belly and forearms. Point the toes back behind you, widen the feet towards the edge of your mat. Lift the chest up, draw the shoulders back.
Affirmation: “I feel deeply connected to my own spirit.”

5. Swan – Come to table top. Bring the right knee behind the right wrist. Extend the left leg out behind you. Square the pelvis. Stay lifted up, or fold forward over the front shin. You can rest the forehead on the hands, fists, or the block.
Affirmation: “I am willing to be at peace with myself and others.”
Other side affirmation: “I am aligned with my higher purpose.”

6. Reclined Butterfly – Lower down on to your back. Bring the soles together, as you drop the knees out to the sides. The hands may rest out to the sides, or on to the belly. Keep the head and shoulders relaxing down on to the mat.
Affirmation: “I release the need to change or control others.”

7. Lying Spinal Twist – Bring the feet flat on the floor. Open your arms out in to cactus shape, with elbows bent. Shift the hips a couple of inches to the left. Option to cross the right leg over the left. Then drop both legs to the left. Keep the opposite shoulder grounded down.
Affirmation: “I radiate peace, love and well-being.”
Other side affirmation: “Every breath I take, brings me more tranquility.”

If you find you need a bit more guidance moving through the poses, practice along with the video below.


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