Ciao bella ✈️ I'm off to Italy! 🍝🍷

Hey yogis,
I'm leaving for Italy this evening and won't be back until May 11th. Rest assured it will be business as usual when it comes to YouTube, my app, Lunar Yoga and the other goodies that I run. All content has been scheduled ahead of time!
The only thing that will change is that I'll have limited access to the internet so probably won't be able to respond to most emails or messages. However, I'll do my best to respond when I can.
If you're in my Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training, please allow me a bit more time to answer your questions in our forum!
There's a brand new series exclusive to the app which was supposed to be launching on May 1st, but since I'll be away, I've decided to make it available now!
Introducing...Therapy Ball Mobility with Jenna Switzer!
Inside this bundle you'll find 6 full length classes that utilize therapy balls to get deep into your tissues to reduce pain, increase range of motion and feel GREAT in your body! This program is wonderful for everyone.
Whether you're an athlete who wants to reduce recovery time, a yogi who's looking for more grace and ease in your practice or an older adult who wants to maintain and even improve mobility... this is for you!
The series includes:
  • Wrists & Hands (17 min)
  • Upper Body Massage (45 min)
  • Shoulder Rehab (25 min)
  • Lower Body Massage (50 min)
  • Glutes & Quads (35 min)
  • Feet & Ankles (25 min)
Plus you'll also find a video which goes over the props needed for these classes! In general you'll need 2 small therapy balls and 2 blocks. Option to use a larger therapy ball as well or substitute with tennis balls or lacrosse balls (careful with those!).
Try it for yourself by signing up for my app! CLICK HERE to start the 7 day free trial or simply go to the app store on your phone.
Inside the app you'll also find our brand new May Calendar which is all about morning yoga!
I used to be an afternoon/evening practice kind of girl but lately I've been really enjoying morning meditation + yoga. It's a great way to start the day.
If you missed it, this week I uploaded not one but two new videos to my channel.
On Tuesday I released one of the 6 guided meditations from therapist and teacher Tesia Bryski. This is an awareness of thought meditation wonderful for beginners.
You can access the other meditations from Tesia's program in my mobile app:
I've also uploaded an hour long yin yoga class for full body flexibility! You guys love my longer classes so I really hope you enjoy this one :)
Okay, that's it for now! I'm off to the land of pizza, pasta, wine and olive oil. 😍 I'm bringing lots of stretchy pants lol
Let's Stay In Touch!

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