Thursday Yoga Day: It's all about YIN 😍

This blog post at a glance:
Happy Yoga Thursday! 🙏 If you're new to my offerings, Thursdays are when I upload a new yoga class on YouTube and I think you guys are going to be really happy with this one. 😍
This week's practice is an hour long yin yoga class that doesn't require any props. This is a great full body stretch you can do anytime, anywhere.
We'll target your hips, hamstrings, chest and shoulders in this 60 minute practice. Yin Yoga is meant to be a passive practice where we focus on the fascia and deep connective tissues. Try to relax your muscles as you hold the poses for 2-5 minutes on each side. Remember not to push past your edge, less is always more!
Or - Watch it in my new Yoga with Kassandra Mobile app!
There's a 7 day free trial so you can check out the hundreds of classes available, the members-only exclusive programs and challenges, the in-app scheduling calendar and everything else!
Next week I'm filming for 5 days straight to produce content EXCLUSIVE to the app!! 😍 I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. The content will be from me as well as new guest teachers I'm bringing on. Stay tuned!! The first series will come out early April. ❤️
Earlier this week I also uploaded a bonus video to YouTube. I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Travis Eliot, yin yoga rockstar!
Travis is an internationally celebrated teacher and author who recently came out with a book called "Journey Into Yin".
>> CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW (also available in the app!)
Yesterday was the New Moon which means that over in my Lunar Yoga community we are starting a brand new theme of Spirituality & Feeling!
If you'd like to work on this theme with the support of a community of dedicated and authentic yoginis from all over the world, I would love to have you join us.
The yin yoga class, guided meditation and journaling exercise is live on our website.
If you've never tried Lunar Yoga before, you can try the first month for 50% off by using the coupon code NEWSTUDENT at checkout.
These are all practices meant to go deeper than just the physical practice of yoga. It's for women who want connection, intention and purpose in their practice.
Finally, are you looking for a great morning routine?
I've collaborated with The Mindful Movement to put together a simple playlist that includes a morning meditation (from them) and a yoga class (from me). All you need is 20 minutes to kickstart your day with positivity and joy!
That's it for now! Talk soon :)
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