Affirmations for Self Love & Healing, and Yin Yoga Poses to Go with Them

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I absolutely love to use affirmations in my personal yin yoga practice.

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I absolutely love to use affirmations in my personal yin yoga practice. I find partnering poses with affirmations to be a great way to uncover limiting beliefs, do some personal development on your mat, as well as a great way to keep the mind busy while you hold poses.

Your job is not to convince yourself to believe the affirmation. Rather take note of how they make you feel, physically and emotionally.

I highly suggest that you have a journal handy for after your practice. Give yourself the time to write down and process any emotions that come up for you.

Each pose should be held between two to five minutes. Feel free to set yourself a timer, so that you can take time off of the mind as you work through each pose and affirmation.

Have 2 blocks handy before you begin. If you don’t have blocks, cushions or thick pillows will do.

1. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – From kneeling, bring the big toes together and take the knees as wide as comfortable. Walk the hands forward, bringing the forehead to the mat (or to a block). Reach the arms out, keeping the shoulders relaxed away from the ears.
Affirmation: “I am worthy of love and joy.”

2. Dragon Pose – From table top, step the right foot forward to the outside of the right hand. As you will hold here for a couple of minutes, you may want to fold in the left edge of the mat to double it up or add a blanket under the knee for added support. Keep the right knee and toes pointing forward. You may stay up on the palms, or lower down on to the forearms or blocks. You may also want to support the forehead with a block or pillow.
Affirmation on first side: “I forgive myself and set myself free.”

Ease gently out of the pose and take whatever stretches feel good before you switch sides.
Affirmation on second side: “I choose to feel good about myself everyday.”

3. Melting Heart Pose – From table top, walk the hands forward and lower the forehead down to the mat or a block. Keeping the hips stacked over the knees. Relax the arms, letting your elbows rest down to the mat. Melt the chest towards the ground, opening in to the upper back, while keeping the belly gently drawing in.
Affirmation: “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

4. Toe Squat – Curl the toes under and sit the hips back on to your heels. You may need to use your hands to move the pinky toes off to the side. Let your hips and weight of the body sink down. Getting a stretch in to the soles of the feet, as well as the toes and ankles.
Affirmation: “The more love I give, the more I receive.”

5. Straddle Forward Fold – Come to seated, opening the legs wide. Grounding down through the sit bones. Keep a small bend in the knees if you are feeling any discomfort. Hinge forward at the hips, maybe bringing your head to rest on a block, or two stacked. Make this forward fold passive, not pushing and pulling but letting gravity open you in to the pose instead. Honoring where you are at today.
Affirmation: “I am worth loving.”

6. Laying Spinal Twist – Lay down on to the back, bending the knees and bringing the soles of the feet to the mat. Open your arms out to the sides. Lift and shift the hips over to the right, lowering them back down. Drop the knees over to the left, either stacked or crossing the right leg over the left for a deeper stretch. Keep the right shoulder in contact with the mat, and possibly turn the gaze over towards the right fingers.
Affirmation on first side: “My potential is endless.”

Ease out of the twist. Hug the knees or do any little movements the body needs. Then take the twist to the other side.
Affirmation on second side: “I love every cell of my body.”

7. Savasana – Never skip your savasana. Give yourself the time for your final resting pose, to integrate the work you have done. To open up to the insight. To relax fully for a few moments. Extend the limbs, take up space. Open the collar bone wide. Relax the jaw, let go of tension. Close the eyes and release to relaxation.

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