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As we move in to Winter, and through the Winter Solstice the days start to get longer.

It is important during this season, to honour the darkness. Before we can again be our full vibrant selves, we need a time to reflect, to be quiet, to do less, to turn inwards, and become clear in what we want.

Along with the changing of the season, this is a great meditation to transition in to the New Year.

You only need yourself for this practice, but you may want to have a journal and pen at the ready for any revelations or resolutions that come up.

To Start: Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus in on your breathing. Begin to reflect on the year you had and the year that lies ahead. What do you plan to do with this fresh new year? You have permission to slow down, to turn inwards, and to do less at this time of year. With every exhale, settle in to the body a little bit deeper.
Ask: What is it I want to let go of?

The rest of this meditation will look at this question from 4 different perspectives. Be open to any answers that arise. Contemplating in silence and in stillness.

1. Bring awareness to the physical body. When you think of your vitality, health, and physical body – What is it you want to let go of? What would help you feel more balanced in your body?

2. Bring awareness to your heart. Focus on your emotional body, everything that has to do with how you relate to others, and to care for yourself. When you think of emotions, feelings, and relationships – What would you like to let go of? What would bring more clarity and balance to this area? What attitude, beliefs or people are no longer serving you? What do you want to surrender to darkness as we move towards the light?

3. Bring awareness to your mind. The part of you that is a critical thinker, that relies on intuition, that communicates clearly, that solves problems, that really understands. What is is that you need to feel mentally stimulated? What are some thoughts that you think frequently that no longer serve you? How can you make room for the light, on a mental level?

4. Bring awareness to your soul. Everything that is, and isn’t, you. To your spirituality, your faith, your connection to something greater than yourself, your connection to humanity as a whole, your connection to all living beings. What is it that you want to let go of? Moving forward, what would help you feel more balanced?

To Close: Bring your palms together at the front of the heart and close with one OM.

As you open your eyes, take a few moments to write down anything that came up.

If you would prefer to do this as a guided meditation, check out the video below.


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