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Let's take a moment to bust the myth that it takes long periods of time to increase your flexibility! Rather, it takes regular practice.
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Let’s take a moment to bust the myth that it takes long periods of time to increase your flexibility! Instead, you can give it short bursts, regularly.

This is a 10 minute sequence that you can easily squeeze in to your every day routine, and with regular practice will start to see improvement in your flexibility.

There are no props needed, making it even easier to fit in daily, no matter where you are.

1. Reclined Stretches – Lay down on your back, bring your feet together and let your knees fall apart. Bring your hands to your belly to feel your breath. Stay here for 5 breath cycles. Taking a moment to check in with your body. Take note of anywhere that feels tight. Lift the knees back up. Pull your right knee in to your belly, extending the left leg to the ground. Take a deep breath. Then move in to a twist, by crossing the right knee over to the left. Extend right arm out to the side, and use your left hand to help guide the right knee down. Roll slowly back to center, then extend the right leg up to the ceiling. Interlace your fingers behind your thigh. Instead of simply pulling the leg in, also push your leg back in to your palm. After a few breaths of this tension of opposites, relax your leg and see if you can pull it a couple inches closer. Repeat through on the other side.

2. Low Lunge Series – Roll up on to your knees, and bring your palms down to the mat. Step your feet back into plank, with hands shoulder width apart and feet hip width. Lift the hips up into downward facing dog. Bend your knees if your hamstrings are feeling tight. Curl your tailbone up to the sky. Kick the right leg up to the sky, bend your right knee to open the hip and squeeze your glute. Step your right foot in between the palms. Lower your back knee down, and untuck the toes. Sink the hips down and forward in to your low lunge. Stay up lifted on the fingertips, and shine the heart to the front. As you exhale, straighten your right leg into a half splits hamstring stretch. Pull your heart forward as you return to low lunge.

3. Easy Twist – Tuck the back toes under, and lift the back knee off of the mat. Plant the left hand down, and reach your right arm up to take an Easy Twist. Stretch your arms further away from one another. Lower the right hand down. Start to walk your palms to the left, turning towards the long edge of your mat.

4. Wide-Legged Forward Fold – Turn both feet parallel, facing the long edge of your mat. Bend into your right knee, come back up, then bend into the left knee. Pulse side to side, with one leg bent and one leg straight. After a few rounds of pulsing, find some stillness in the middle. Walk your hands back in line with the heels and fold fully forward. Turn your toes out to the corners of your mat, heels in. Bend your knees and lift up, bringing your hands to your legs. Use your palms to push the knees open a little wider. Drop one shoulder down, and draw the other one back. Exhale to switch. Repeat twice. Push into legs to straighten up.

Take a vinyasa flow, then switch sides to repeat 2 through 4.

5. Cobra and Upward Dog Variations – From downward facing dog, ripple forward in to plank pose. Keeping the toes curled under, let your hips sink down and pull your heart forward. Draw your shoulder blades behind you in a variation of upward facing dog. Exhale to down dog. Repeat. Then bend elbows, and lower your hips to the mat. Bring your fingertips off to the side of your mat and towards the top. Push into your fingertips to lift up in to a deep back bend. Then release slowly down.

6. Wide-Legged Child’s Pose – Bring your big toes together and the knees further apart. The wider they are the deeper the stretch. Shift your hips towards your heels. Walk the hands forward as you fold down and relax into the posture.

7. Seated Meditation – Place yourself in a way that you can relax and settle. Notice how you feel now, as opposed to when you first stepped on to your mat. Thanking yourself for making this short time to practice.

Prefer to practice with visual and verbal guidance? Click play on the video below.


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