Want to know more about my Yin Yoga Training? Details inside!

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Yep, it’s happening! I’m finally able to give you some information so HERE GOES!
Official launch date will be Nov 12th BUT people on the waitlist will get it on Nov 9th AND at a reduced price. (Click the link http://bit.ly/yinyttinfo to get on that list)
The course is a 30 hour continuing education course. Yoga teachers can submit the certification to Yoga Alliance for 20 non-contact hours. You DO NOT need to be a yoga teacher to join, it’s open to everyone! This is not a 200 hour YTT, it is a yin specific training.

Teachers can use this training to start offering yin classes and students can use it to deepen their knowledge and develop their home practice.
The program contains roughly:
 20 video lessons
 6 yin classes
 a free copy of my book Yin Yoga mailed to you ?
 a 100-page PDF teacher training manual
 a final quiz (multiple choice, don’t stress!)
 a certificate of completion
 teacher and community support
So about this lifetime access thing… every year I’ll be adding new video lessons and modules based on feedback from students. Enrolled students will automatically get access to this at no extra charge ?(Note that since I’ll be adding on to this program, I can guarantee that it will never be more affordable than it is now on first launch, especially if you’re on the waitlist)
The curriculum is extensive and covers the history and philosophy of yin, benefits of the practice, energetic systems, asanas, modifications, sequencing, theming, breathing techniques, counter poses, holding space and so much more!
I basically took the contents of my brain and poured it into this program ? I’m super excited to share it!
I know you’re probably wondering about price, this will be announced on the launch date. Remember the launch date is Nov 9th for the waitlist folks and Nov 12th for the rest of the public! Waitlist students will receive a time sensitive discount valid for only 72 hours.
If you have any questions please leave them below! I’ll be doing a Facebook live video to address them on Wednesday, Nov 7th @ 3pm EDT. If I can figure out how to go live on YouTube at the same time I’ll do that ?

See you on the mat!
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