PAYMENT PLANS now available for Yin Yoga Teacher Training

You asked, I answered.
I launched my Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training a little over a week ago and I'm blown away by the response!
The feedback has been STELLAR and I can't tell you how many tears of joy I've cried...
I started working on this YTT more than 2 years ago! It took me a long time to put it together because I have very high standards for myself and wanted to be sure that I could give you your money's worth.
This training is meaningful, deep, well-rounded and everything I wanted it to be.
Speaking of money...
Since launching this program I've gotten tons of emails and messages from students who really want to join but can't afford a one-sum payment.
Originally I wasn't going to offer payment plans. I had HORRIBLE experiences with them in the past and was scared of having the same thing happen again.
I really don't want to let those isolated incidents prevent people from being able to invest in their education.
So, I've decided to go ahead and introduce a 3 month payment plan for my Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training! :)
You can either pay 1 lump sum of $489 USD OR make 3 monthly payments of $163 USD.
I sincerely hope this makes things a bit easier for some of you!
Thank you all for being on this journey with me and sharing your love of Yin.


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