Online Yin Yoga Training is now LIVE!!

Guess what??
I have a HUGE announcement for all my Yin Yoga lovers out there.
Today, I am launching my BRAND NEW online Yin Yoga Teacher Training!
If you can’t get enough of Yin Yoga and want to deepen your practice, then look no further...
This course offers all the benefits of online instruction, without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio classes. Not only can you complete the training on your own time, but our comprehensive curriculum will effectively prepare you to teach students at every stage of their practice.
So, what is included in this course?
By joining this 30 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, you will receive:
  • 20 video lessons
  • 8 yin yoga classes
  • a copy of my book "Yin Yoga: Stretch the Mindful Way"
  • a 100-page PDF teacher training manual
  • final quiz (multiple choice, don't stress!)
  • certificate of completion
  • teacher and community support
The course is a 30 hour continuing education course. Yoga teachers can submit the certification to Yoga Alliance for 20 non-contact hours. You DO NOT need to be a yoga teacher to join, it's open to everyone!

This is not a 200 hour YTT, it is a yin specific training. Teachers can use this training to start offering yin classes and students can use it to deepen their knowledge and home practice.
Check out what my past students have to say:

“Knowledgeable, well spoken, easy to understand, clear and concise are all ways to describe Kassandra’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training. She is just incredible, especially in the way she breaks down and introduces Yin Yoga’s origin, principles, benefits, preparation, poses, and the differences between yin and restorative yoga. This is a highly informative and easy to digest training." - Jenn Carter
"I fell in love with yin yoga on Kassandra's Youtube channel. After doing many of her classes I was so excited to be able to take my practice deeper and learn more. Kassandra really dives deep and shares her knowledge all about yin yoga. From the basic principals to chakras and meridians this program really will give you a well rounded experience that will make you fall deeper in love with such a special practice!" - Amanda Smith
Namaste yogis!


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