Hey yogis, I've got a brand new 30 day challenge for you for the month of November!
This month will be all about proper alignment, breath control, muscular engagement, technique and posture. An alignment-based yoga program to deepen and improve your practice.

I've put together 30 YouTube yoga classes that offer the best verbal cues and instruction for proper alignment and technique. If you're looking to get stronger, improve your flexibility and prevent injuries - proper technique is the way to get there!

These classes are suitable for all experience levels and will include a mix of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga for a well-balanced practice.

The challenge officially begins November 1st, but you'll get access to the entire package as soon as you sign up! Feel free to start and stop according to your schedule.

Every day features a new yoga class from the Yoga with Kassandra YouTube channel. Discover videos you've never done before and take the guess work out of choosing a class!

By joining the November challenge you will get:
👉Immediate access to the challenge and all content
👉A downloadable yoga calendar that links to my YouTube videos
👉30 yoga classes available to download (yours to keep forever)
👉Mix of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga
👉Community support from other yogis and yours truly!
I'll also be giving away a signed copy of my Yin Yoga book to one lucky student who joins the challenge :)
If you don't think this November challenge is suitable for you, you can also browse all of my previous calendars by CLICKING HERE.
That's it for now, have a wonderful week!
See you on the mat.

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