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The Third Eye Chakra is the place where you can cultivate your ability to trust and listen to your own inner guidance. Getting in tune with the third eye will provide you with a sense of spiritual purpose, creativity and imagination.

Upon completing this practice I hope you feel empowered. That you are making the right decisions for yourself, that are in line with your soul purpose.

This is the sixth in my Chakra Yin Yoga series. If you are unfamiliar with them, go check them out (either now or later). And know that I like to pair each yin pose in these practices with an affirmation. Your task with the affirmation is to repeat it to yourself, and notice how it makes you feel. Is it hard or easy to hear? You may want to journal any of these reactions right away mid practice or when you get up from Savasana.

Each yin asana is held for anywhere between three and five minutes. Choose the length that feels good for you today, and rest in to each pose, striving to stay present on your mat. You will need two blocks for this practice.

1. Grounding Meditation – Sit comfortably, close your eyes and let your hands rest on your knees or thighs. Let go of whatever is on your mind. Think over your sense of intuition, imagination, higher self. In which ways do you wish to grow? Are you in touch with your higher self? Start to incorporate some Pranayama with Alternate Nostril Breathing. Alternate Nostril Breathing is meant to clear the fuzziness and noise from the mind, and help you find internal balance. Take your right hand and fold down the middle and index fingers. Seal off your right nostril with your thumb. Inhale through the left nostril for a count of either 4, 5 or 6. At the top of the inhale, block the left nostril with your ring finger. Open the right nostril and exhale for the same count. Inhale through right, seal off right, open left, exhale left. All to the same count. Take 8-10 rounds of this. Return to normal breathing.

2. Child’s Pose – Come up on to your knees. Either opt to make this an easy child’s pose (by keeping the knees together) or a wide-legged child’s pose. Either way bring the big toes to touch, and lower the head towards the mat, while reaching the hips to the heels. As this practice is focused on the third eye, rest your forehead directly on the mat, or on a block. Reach the arms behind you, with palms facing up. Allow your shoulders to soften and the belly to relax.
Affirmation: “I am connected to my purpose.”

3. Head to Knee Pose – Come to sitting. Extend the right leg in front of you. Bending the left knee, bring the sole of the foot to inside of the right thigh. Have your blocks handy in front of you. Ground both of your sit bones down to the ground. Lengthen up through the upper body. Hinging at the hips, move in to a forward fold. Because we are focusing on the third eye, you want your forehead to be resting on something, which will apply pressure. Depending on your flexibility here, you may need one block or two to allow the head to soften on to it. As it’s a yin practice, it is okay to round in to the shape and also to bend the knee of the extended leg slightly. Just make sure you’re not using muscular energy as you do so. Resolve instead to be still, to let gravity do the work. Breathe in to the space of the third eye. Soften your neck and let your head be heavy.
Affirmation: “My intuition is always guiding me.”

Use your arms to push in to the floor and come back up. Bend your right knee, extend the left leg and set up on this other side for the forward fold. Notice any difference in sides, and be okay with it.
Affirmation: “I have all the answers within me.”

4. Shoulder Assist – Place both of your blocks in front of you on the mat. Either on the first level, or second. Lay down on belly, with a block under each of your shoulders. Lower the forehead to the mat. Reach your arms back behind you, with the palms facing up. Breathe in to your low back. Don’t push too far, but rather settle in.
Affirmation: “My spiritual vision is clear.”

5. Savasana – Ease over on to your back, setting the blocks off to the side. Take up some space as you lay flat on the floor. Letting the feet drop to the sides, palms turn up to the sky, and eyes close. Get comfortable and enjoy a few moments of rest here.
Affirmation: “I see the bigger picture and trust my inner wisdom.”

Have a hard time judging how long to stay, or finding your mind wandering? Maybe you’d prefer to practice with a guiding video instead. Check it out below.


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